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Blockchain Weekly - Issue No. 9


BlockHash Research

April 19 · Issue #9 · View online

Covering the latest topics that move the market, chart signals that you should watch, the best low cap crypto projects and much more!

To kick off this newsletter, let me just say that this week has been filled with an insane amount of hype, speculation and over expectations. Everything from the Coinbase IPO, to the DOGE to $1 price action, to the Sunday market “flash-crash” event.
It’s fair to say a lot of money is circulating through the crypto market and this will inevitably lead to bigger swings, both bullish and bearish in sentiment. Bitcoin dipped 15%. Ethereum dipped 18%. Dogecoin is probably the only thing that hasn’t seen a massive pullback yet.
Another big moment was seeing Turkey ban crypto. Although, we’ve seen this years ago with economies that are far bigger, such as India and China. So I don’t think this will have a negative longterm impact. There was also a massive dip in Bitcoin’s hashrate, but it will bounce back in short order.
This is what I think…
There is a lot of excitement in the space and a lot of money flowing everywhere. So I think shit happens when things are volatile and I still hold onto my notion that the next Bull Swing will occur by Summer time.
With that said, let’s talk about something more fun and unique. I’m going to cover the Dogecoin chart below and whether I think it’s possible to get to $1 in the near term, or at least, end of year.

Dogecoin (DOGE)
Bullish Prediction:
There is probably a window of opportunity to make money with Dogecoin. But it’s a very small window. For this to happen, you would have to buy now and cross your fingers that it breaks $0.40 in the short term. That may keep the momentum going and people tweeting. However, the RSI is showing signs that Dogecoin is overbought, which is what it should show.
Bearish Prediction:
To be honest, I don’t see a longterm future for Dogecoin. I think it’s highly hype driven and when the fad ends, so will the influx of money. It’s likely a lot of people jump in now and get burned soon. If it breaks below $0.25, then it may collapse down to $0.10 or even lower. The problem is that there is nothing to support Dogecoin fundamentally.
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Brandon Zemp
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