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Who we let into our lives, picking yourself and quick updates

Who we let into our lives, picking yourself and quick updates
By Zack Jones • Issue #56 • View online

Invisibilia - BONUS: Who Do You Let In?
A profound reflection on loneliness, strangers and who we let into our lives. 
I feel many different ways about this, but I think that’s the beauty of the piece. 
Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin - You're it
On point. As good as it gets. A quick, powerful episode about the myth of getting picked and why we live in a time when you can pick yourself. 

It’s crucial that young people (and everyone) understand this idea. 
Won't You Be My Neighbor?
I finally watched the movie about Mister rogers. There are many lessons about creativity and life in here. Here’s one: When the show first when live, they planned on showing some video, but had a tech malfunction. Fred Rogers got out some puppets and just started improvising. “When you’re live, you have to do something.”
I also loved his quote, “What is essential in life, is invisible to the eye.” 
Sophia and I had great trip to New England last weekend! The waves were amazing and it was fun to see siblings, parents and friends. 
Next Friday-Monday I’m headed to San Diego to finally see High Tech High in person! 
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