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Teaching as a Subversive Activity, Caliphate and an Update

Teaching as a Subversive Activity, Caliphate and an Update
By Zack Jones • Issue #54 • View online

Reading away
I just started reading Teaching as a Subversive activity. (Thank you Leticia!) Reading this book is kind of like going on a beautiful hike. You love it, but you don’t make it very far because you keep stopping to appreciate what’s around you.
This book was written in the 60’s but is strikingly relevant in today’s world. Addressing issues like new technology, misinformation (fake news) and a changing economy, the authors make a case for a different kind of educational model.
I haven’t gotten through much of it because I keep stopping to take notes and capture the ideas in the book, but here are some of my favorite quotes so far:
Once you have learned how to ask questions - relevant and appropriate and substantial questions - you have learned how to learn and no one can keep you from learning whatever you want or need to know. 
The older school environment stressed that learning is being told what happened. The inquiry environment stresses that learning is a happening in itself.
Every page has a new piece of simple, eloquent wisdom. There are many more highlights too long to include here. This book will push your thinking and blow your mind demonstrating how problems we face in education today look almost identical to those we faced 50 years ago.
Caliphate Podcast
Incredible reporting. Scary topic. I wouldn’t listen right before you go to sleep, but it’s a fascinating journey. The ten-episode series follows a New York Times reporter as she investigates the life of an ISIS recruit who has returned to his home country. The story takes her around the world and paints the most vivid picture I’ve seen of who ISIS truly is.
The fall cohort of Dual School launches next weekend! We’re doing a media themed kickoff where students will be creating posters and apparel. For a sneak preview of what that could look like, check out this short video we made highlighting our journey to learn how to screen print:
Empowering Students With Screen Printing - YouTube
Empowering Students With Screen Printing - YouTube
Looking forward to another semester of bold young people tackling big challenges!
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