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Status, specialization, a new video and more!

Status, specialization, a new video and more!
By Zack Jones • Issue #70 • View online

Status as a Service by Eugene Wei
Status as a Service (StaaS) — Remains of the Day
Why did Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat all get popular? Why did their clones slowly die off after brief flashes in the pan?
Eugene Wei provides an in-depth model for thinking about how social networks start and grow. Drawing countless analogies between social capital and traditional capital, Wei challenges you to think about the inevitability of social media and our like-driven society.
It’s a long article, but it’s worth dedicating some time to thinking about how and why things look the way they do in this moment.
How Early Should You Specialize?
Invest Like the Best - David Epstein – Wide or Deep?
The 10,000 hour rule has made its way into the collective conscious of the personal development world, but maybe it isn’t the best model for thinking about achievement. David Epstein’s new book Range talks about the benefits of being a generalist and waiting to specialize.
The classic example here is Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. Tiger is famous for having been a golfer since he was a toddler. Roger Federer on the other hand played many sports growing up and his parents pushed him to NOT focus specifically on tennis into his teens. Both athletes became the top performers in their sports, so Epstein starting wondering, “which model is more the norm?”
Latino Youth Fellowship Video
Latino Youth Fellowship - Sussex Central High School
Latino Youth Fellowship - Sussex Central High School
Excited to share this video for a few reasons. From a Dual School perspective, this was the first time we’ve trained other facilitators to lead our curriculum with teenagers. The project happened 90 miles away in southern Delaware and we were hands-off in the day-to-day programming. The two teachers we worked with did a phenomenal job helping the students through the design process and we’re proud of the work the students did.
From a personal side, I made three trips down to Sussex Central High School to watch the program in action and document the project. This is the first video I’ve made where I intentionally filmed over the course of several days knowing I would eventually create a final piece that incorporated the full arc of the project. It was an editing challenge to tell the story in ~3min, but I’m proud of how it turned out!
A Surprise Visit
Last weekend we had a surprise visit from my sister and her boyfriend. We made sure to take them to one of the most exciting Wilmington events of the summer, the Italian Festival (photo below). After enjoying the food and games, we took them to Philly where we happened upon a movie being recorded. Good thing someone tipped us off to the fact that what we were about to witness was a film and not an actual shoot-out.
Quick trip to Italy
Quick trip to Italy
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