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Money, togetherness and a progressive education panel

Money, togetherness and a progressive education panel
By Zack Jones • Issue #60 • View online

How do we teach young people to think about money?
Yesterday we were working with a few students to prepare for the Dual School Exhibition on December 11th. I was curious how young people think about money, so I decided to ask, “How much money do you want to be making when you are 25?”
I gave no other framing and the first responded “A little above minimum wage, I guess.”
I asked him to get more specific and he said that $10/hour would be okay.
The next student said “I want to be an artist, so I expect to make commission rather than an hourly wage.” When asked if he were to make an hourly wage, he said $10-12 would work. These students are both 17 years old.
My colleague and I were expecting to hear things like $60,000/ year or $80,000/year but instead, we got low hourly numbers. I’m not quite sure what to make of this other than that there needs to be conversation about this topic. Young people certainly aren’t learning how to think about money, how much it costs to live and what it means to find a great job.
I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this topic. We work with about 45 high school students right now across four different programs and have some time to pilot a lesson or module if we come up with something.
More Together Than Alone
Good Life Project - Mark Nepo: More Together Than Alone.
Loved this podcast with Mark Nepo. He seems to have so many beautiful quotes and one liners. As I looked through my notes from this week, I searched his name and found some of his wisdom from another podcast back in 2016. It’s all brilliant, so I’ll include my favorites here:
Fear makes us think that self interest will protect us. Love and suffering affirm that we are more together than alone.
The American society is all about the individual, but in reality, it eats the individual 
Everyone wants the news when what they really need is poetry.
He gives us a lot to think about regarding individualism and collectivism. I’m not sure where I stand on it yet, but I agree there is such thing as too much choice and similarly there is such thing as too much individualism. Like most things, I think the relationship is an inverted U. Picture example below:
There's a happy medium in there somewhere
There's a happy medium in there somewhere
Last week I spoke on a panel with Ted Dintersmith, the author of What School Could Be and Brian Delgado, a founding teacher at High Tech High. It was an exhilarating experience where we discussed strong points of view about what education could look like.
There were around 50 of the most influential minds in Delaware education, from policymakers to principals to teachers and non-profit leaders, these were all people ready for change. I’m not sure what will come of the convening, but most people in room wanted to meet again. Hopefully I’ll have some video footage of the event to share soon.
The Dual School Exhibition is on Tuesday, December 11. We spent yesterday working with a few students to print off 40 Dual School shirts and create some other shirts that we will use as decoration for the event. It’s a big week ahead getting ready!
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