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History podcasts galore

History podcasts galore
By Zack Jones • Issue #66 • View online

History podcasts
I got really into history podcasts over the past month. The podcasting boom has made great content easy to consume. Here’s what I’ve been listening to:
Throughline : NPR
I listened to a couple Throughline episodes and I love the concept of tracing back current day topics to historical events. After getting hooked on Throughline and not having any more to listen to, I found another podcast called Fall of Civilizations, by someone I follow on twitter named Paul Cooper.
Fall of Civilizations Podcast by Paul Cooper
I love the storytelling here. Paul is super honest with the difficulty of interpreting history, which adds a fascinating element of curiosity to all the stories. The three episodes that are live all chronicle civilizations that fell in different ways. Although it’s pretty clear why Roman Britain fell, there is much more uncertainty as to why exactly the Mayan civilization and the cities of the bronze age fell.
Once I listened to all three episodes of Fall of Civilizations, I felt like it was finally time to dive into Hardcore History. Probably the first history-related podcast most people think of, it has an intimidating backlist. Scrolling through the feed and seeing several episodes two or three hours long left me feeling a little uncertain about where to start. I asked on a twitter, got one response and quickly downloaded Blueprint for Armageddon. I’ve been hooked since.
Breaker: Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - Show 50 - Blueprint for Armageddon I
I have trouble finding the words to describe what Dan Carlin does here, but I can’t stop listening. It’s history, but told through a constant zooming in on the small details and zooming out on the broader context. Adding in quotes, characters and stories throughout makes three hours fly by.
We welcomed the new cohort of Dual School with an energizing, yet tiring, kickoff weekend! It’s never easy to give up a weekend, but investing in the kickoff event is investing the culture and group cohesion, which can make or break a cohort-based experience.
It’s been a pretty exhausting past few weeks. All I’ve wanted to do on Sundays is rest, read and cook, so this is the first newsletter I’m sending in a few weeks.
I am headed to New Hampshire on Thursday night for a long weekend. Hoping to ski Friday and Saturday up in the North Conway area. Likely the last time I’ll snowboard until next season. Stoked to be on the snow one more time.
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