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Consciousness and Your Mind + A Video from my trip to Mexico

Consciousness and Your Mind + A Video from my trip to Mexico
By Zack Jones • Issue #59 • View online

Sam Harris, Ph.D. — How to Master Your Mind (#342) | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
In this solo podcast, Sam Harris reads from his book, Waking Up, and tells stories about experiences that led him to meditation.
On the goal-setting nature of our society he says “We’re trying to find good enough reasons to be satisfied now” by believing the lie that when we accomplish something we will have finally earned fulfillment.
Obviously, this has no end.
Similarly, when it comes to meditation, he claims that in many traditions, the focus is on a gradual sense of progress eventually leading the meditator to an epiphany that consciousness is everywhere. While there is purpose in pursuing this realization, there’s nothing stopping you from embracing it right now.
I write more about this line of thinking with some rough instructions on how to explore the feeling in this blog post called Consciousness.
Side note: In Tim Ferriss fashion, he seems to have outsourced his podcast to the point where he isn’t even doing the interviews. On this episode, Sam Harris is essentially given Tim Ferriss’s audience and 90 minutes to talk about his new app, also called Waking Up.
While there are more interesting things to say about the approach of Tim Ferriss building an audience, then curating content for that audience, the podcast itself was fascinating.

A Video from my Trip to Mexico
A Journey to Mexico
From November 15 - 21 I was in Mexico with Daniel Farmer. We started in Guanajuato, then went to Leon and Mexico City. Our main mission was going to Festival Internacional del Globo, a music and hot air balloon festival. This video just shy of 4 minutes and shows the highlights from the trip.
It’s been a while since I’ve gotten on a plane for non-work related purposes, so it was refreshing to get away from busy-ness for about a week. I truly felt off the grid in Mexico which helped me get the most out of the experience.
I do speak a little Spanish from learning in high school and traveling abroad a few times. The first night I landed, I definitely needed to use it to communicate with the airbnb host and my taxi driver. From that point on, I was with a group of people who had been living in Mexico for some time and spoke good Spanish, but my mind still started to shift toward thinking in Spanish and how I might say certain phrases. By the sixth day, it become pretty natural to greet someone and respond to basic questions in another language.
It was an empowering feeling to know it was possible to communicate (slowly) in a language other than english. It also left me wanting to practice more though I’m not sure how that will manifest…
Also, I’m starting to enjoy video much more as a way to capture events, trips and every day moments. The above video is unlisted and has only been shown to family and close friends.
From Mexico City I flew straight back to Boston for Thanksgiving. I spent four days with family and friends back home. It was a replenishing and fun time.
Next week is going to be a crazy one. Dual School is hosting an event on Wednesday evening, and they we are doing a full day training on Thursday and our big Exhibition is coming up on December 11.
I’m enjoying the rest of this slow, Sunday and getting ready to jump back into it next week.
Thanks for being here,
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