Imports to DynamoDB eased with S3 β˜οΈπŸš€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» - Issue #17



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Everything AWS, Serverless and Architectures β˜οΈπŸš€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
Imports to DynamoDB eased with S3 β˜οΈπŸš€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» - Issue #17
By zachjonesnoel • Issue #17 • View online
Finally, there is a major update on Amazon DynamoDB which I longed for! Yes, it’s making DynamoDB imports with S3. In other news, Amazon S3 Glacier turns 10 years!

AWS Announcements πŸ“’
Interesting content πŸš€
When using Micro-frontends, the question of managing them and deploying to different S3 buckets is hard! Nadun Indunil explains all of this in his blog-post β€œDeploying Micro Frontend Applications in AWS” where he explains the concept of micro-frontend and how to design your architecture and pipelines.
Ali Haydar explains how to query a large file in S3 with S3 Select (similar to SQL). He walks-through how to setup the S3 buckets with Terraform and using AWS JavaScript SDK in the Lambda function.
Zac Charles in his 2 part series about Lambda’s request payload size limit writes about what the limits are, how to cross those limits (for testing purpose only) and how using AWS API Gateway’s mapping templates and ensuring the payloads are in a valid JSON format.
With the DynamoDB announcement about imports from S3, Elias Brange writes about the same in his blog-post migrate DynamoDB tables with zero downtime and no data loss, where he walks-through the complete setup using a CDK app to migrate DynamoDB data from one AWS account to another using this new feature from DynamoDB.
Aravind V uses the standard example of posting messages to Slack channel and explains of events to Slack posts powered with the AWS Serverless tech and showcases how anyone who is a beginner with AWS CDK can get started with and build their infrastructure as code in his blog-post AWS CDK 101 projects.
Ajay Wadhara in his YouTube video, talks about AWS Lambda and the best practices - idempotent Lambda, Provisioned Concurrency, Scalablity, Lambda chaining and more!
If you are wondering how to become a Serverless wizard, Sam Williams helps you achieve it with his YouTube video about 7 real world apps which can help you master Serverless.
Sandro Volpicella
Did you ever want to build an event-driven use case with DynamoDB?

DynamoDB streams give you the opportunity! You can listen to file changes and act on those.

Let's see how they work and how to connect DynamoDB & Lambda

A thread 🧡
What to expect from Serverless tools? βš™οΈ
MerLoc helps you debug and locally run your AWS Lambda functions.
Rafal Wilinski
Getting super excited about the upcoming codegen advancements in @dynobase πŸ”₯

Six languages (JS, TS, Bash, Go, Rust, Python), four variations, generated instantly, ready to be copied and pasted into your project.
Mark your calendars πŸ“…
Serverless Office Hours with Alex DeBrie is about DynamoDB misconceptions live streaming today (Aug 30th).
GOTO EDA Day 2022 is happening on Sept 1st in London.
AWS Community Day Jaipur 2022 is on Sept 10th happening in-person.
Join me at our first in-person Freshworks Developer Summit 2022 powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Sept 22nd in Bengaluru.
AWS Community Day Kochi 2022 is happening in-person on Oct 29th. CFPs are open until tomorrow (Aug 31st).
AWS Community Day India 2022 is happening virtually on Nov 11th and 12th, CFPs are open.
Word from the author πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
I would like to take a moment to congratulate the new AWS Heros - Alexey Grigorev, Allen Helton, Liz Fong-Jones and Scott Hsieh. And also the new cohort of AWS Community Builders.
I would like to thank the UG leaders of AWS UG Madurai for hosting me where I got the opportunity to speak about the Beginner’s guide to AWS Lambda.
Had the opportunity to meet AWSome women at AWS Women in Tech on Aug 26th, mostly the first time meeting many of the AWS Community Builders, AWS Heros, AWS UG Leaders in-person.
If you are in Bengaluru, India and want to know more about building apps on Freshworks platform, then don’t forget to register here. Looking forward to meet you.
Until next time, Go Serverless! πŸš€
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