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Everything about AWS Step Functions β˜οΈπŸš€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» - Issue #18

Everything AWS, Serverless and Architectures β˜οΈπŸš€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
Everything about AWS Step Functions β˜οΈπŸš€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» - Issue #18
By zachjonesnoel • Issue #18 • View online
This issue is an exclusive shoutout to AWS Step Functions in terms of the insightful content around it and sessions happening on several AWS Community Days globally!

AWS Announcements πŸ“’
Interesting content πŸš€
Jaymit Bhoraniya talks about different IaC tools - AWS SAM, AWS CDK, and Serverless Framework in his YouTube tutorial where he speaks about how IaC tools can help in building Serverless applications.
Aravind V writes about the combination of two dev tools - AWS SAM CLI and AWS CDK for development and testing locally in his blog post πŸ‹ AWS CDK 101 - πŸ¦‹ SAM local to test and debug lambda function where he walks through how to setup SAM CLI on a CDK project and locally tests with sam invoke local.
Josh Armitage shares the need of testing our applications, specifically Serverless apps in his blog-post Serverless Testing, Local Considered Harmful? It talks about the different paradigms which need to be considered and the tools which can help you test better in production and development.
Allen Helton sheds light on how to succeed with AWS Step Functions with a blog-post Success With Step Functions - Finding a Way To Build That Doesn’t Suck which talks about the pain points of Step Functions having a not-so-great Developer Experience but the service itself is so fantastic that we always find workarounds to adapt State Machines for our productions workflows.
Luciano Mammino and Eoin Shanaghy in their latest live coding podcast - AWS Bites, share about setting up authentication with Amazon Cognito and integrating it to an existing backend.
Twitter hacks 🧡
Matt Martz in his Tweet shares how to work around the string to integer parsing.
Luke Hedger with a Twitter thread explains how to efficiently use AWS Step Functions Express workflows for high-volume workloads.
Sandro Volpicella shares the different DynamoDB data types in his Twitter thread.
Maciej Radzikowski calls out the intrinsic functions announcement from AWS Step Functions in his Twitter thread with examples.
If you having trouble wrapping your head around AWS Step Functions or serverless in general, leave a DM and I’ll fix that.
#aws #serverless #stepfunctions
What to expect from Serverless tools? βš™οΈ
Jan Ritter has come up with an AWS Lambda live tuner that helps you optimize memory configurations of Lambda based on real-time events such as production traffic.
Dynobase 2.0 is here!! Learn about what’s new in Dynobase 2.0.
Rafal Wilinski
It's official. @_cloudtempo is now live on Chrome Web Store & Edge Add-Ons.

πŸš€ Blazing fast
✨ Integrated nicely into the console
🌍 Cross-region searching
🎹 Contextual menus (e.g. show Lambda's traces, logs, etc)
πŸͺ„ Smart region switching

Get it here:
Mark your calendars πŸ“…
AWS Community Days happening globally - Look out for the nearest one happening around you, register, and attend to skill up about AWS. Some of them -
JAWS Days 2022 - Satellites is happening on Oct 8th.
Freshworks Developer Summit 2022 powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) at San Mateo is happening on Nov 16th!
Serverless Summit by globaldatanet is happening on Nov 16th
Word from the author πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
Firstly apologies for missing the issue on Sept 15th. I had the opportunity to talk about AWS Step Functions at AWS APAC Community Summit β€˜22 in Bangkok. Also got to meet the AWS Developer Relations team, UG Leaders, AWS Heroes, and AWS CBs from the APJ region.
Avinash Dalvi writes about the journey and experience from APAC Community Summit. Shiomi Sumi expresses her experience at APAC Community Summit in the Japanese language. I tried to put most of the memories in as a video!! Watch it on YouTube - Moments from APAC Community Summit '22.
With the announcement of Intrinsic functions by AWS Step Functions, I’ve authored a blog post about how intrinsic functions can level up your Step Functions workflows.
Lee James Gilmore has a poll running as part of his next upcoming blog post.
Gustavo Tavares is looking for Serverless enthusiasts to take part in a survey for his analysis of Serverless Databases.
As it comes to the end of Sept, Hackoberfest and Oktoberfest are all geared up for October!
Freshworks Developer Summit 2022 powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) the Bengaluru edition on Sept 22nd which was a grand success.!
Until next time, happy building on Serverless!! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
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A lot of things about AWS, Serverless and tons of content from the community which talks about best practices, architectures, new hacks and many more things!

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