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Easy IAM policy management and Lambda-lessβ˜οΈπŸš€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» - Issue #19

Everything AWS, Serverless and Architectures β˜οΈπŸš€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
Easy IAM policy management and Lambda-lessβ˜οΈπŸš€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» - Issue #19
By zachjonesnoel • Issue #19 • View online
This issue is about IAM policies which just became easy to validate and construct with the updates from IAM Access Analyzer and SAM Connectors. Serverless is not only AWS Lambda focused rather we do have AWS Step Functions for easier integration with AWS Services and Amazon API Gateway or AWS AppSync with direct service integrations making you go the Lambda-less architecture.

AWS Announcements πŸ“’
Interesting content πŸš€
Aravind V takes part in the Hashnode + Amplify Hackathon and builds a really cool app for monitoring multi-account/region CloudFormation deployments with Amplify Studio where he describes how we hacked his way to learn about Figma designs could be turned into functional UI components with Amplify Studio and the ease of hosting web apps on Amplify.
Learn about AWS CDK best practices from Ran Isenberg about organizing your CDK project structures and guidelines well put forth about different constructs that define your application’s infrastructure and the importance of CI/CD pipelines with the recommended tests. IAM policies with the least privilege principle.
Lakindu Hewawasam in his YouTube video explains how to build a robust PDF generation service with AWS Lambda, S3, API Gateway, SES, and SQS with the infrastructure managed with Pulimi.
Alex Kearns writes about the Step Functions and SDK integrations with Amazon S3 along with the latest intrinsic functions introduced to convert a Lambda function-based workflow into a functionless Step Function.
Adrian Smijulj from Webiny writes about how to cache values within AWS Lambda functions with a time window-based caching approach ensuring the spawned instances are in sync with the cache.
Lambda as the resolvers for API Gateway can be eliminated with AWS API Gateway direct service integrations, Allen Helton wonderfully explains it in his blog post about how easy it is to do it and also talks about how to do it with API spec. Also, he writes about the dangers it holds.
Twitter hacks 🧡
Alex DeBrie
When I hear someone say β€œServerless development is too hard!”, 96.2% of the time it’s because they’re deploying with:

- Raw CloudFormation and bash scripts
- AWS CLI + bash scripts
- AWS console

Don’t do this! Use a deployment tool! There are so many β€” pick one at random.
Are you a dark-mode fan!? Zac Charles in his tweet talks about the hack which can enable AWS Console in dark mode.
Wondering what’s the benefit of using AWS AppSync? Check out the tweet by Yan Cui the image that talks about the pain points of the Apollo GraphQL server covered by AppSync.
Lambda-less AppSync data sources? Michael Liendo in his tweet about Pipeline resolvers explains how to connect with MongoDB APIs.
Step Functions is a pro-code or low-code? Learn from AWS Bites podcast by Luciano and Eoin, and the insightful Twitter thread about the same.
What to expect from Serverless tools? βš™οΈ
#AWS StepFunctions SDK integrations is IMO one of the best #serverless releases this year, but it requires a lot of docs lookup.

Tonight I built an autocomplete vscode extension to speed things up a littleπŸš€

ℹ️Bias for yaml
Harold Sun tweets about Lambda Web Adaptor v0.5.0 which can help you build Lambda functions that can be triggered by ALBs.
Mark your calendars πŸ“…
AWS Community Days happening globallyΒ - Look out for the nearest one happening around you, register, and attend to skill up about AWS. Some of them -
Kubernetes and Cloud joint meet-up is happening in Bengaluru on Nov 5th.
Word from the author πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
Wow! Love the direction Serverless is going into low-code where Services like Step Functions, API Gateway, and AppSync can directly integrate with other AWS Services making you go Lambda-less. While we are on the same topic, I’m speaking about Step Functions and SDK integrations at AWS Community Day Kochi on Oct 29th.
If you want to know about the experiences of the AWS Community, hear it from the UG Leaders -
Last week’s twitter space about β€œDiscussing community experiences with AWS UG Leads” is now available in an interesting format.

Thanks @audiolabs_io & @ranaltw for the amazing support.
Until next time, it’s the season of AWS Community Day so register and attend them and you will love the experience of learning, growing, and connecting with amazing folks!
Happy Building on Serverless! πŸš€πŸš€
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