Building better with Serverless - Issue #5



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Building better with Serverless - Issue #5
By zachjonesnoel • Issue #5 • View online
Itโ€™s a wrap up of the smallest month of the year with a lot of updates. This issue focuses on how to build better with Serverless which comprises of a lot of updates in terms of DevTools for Serverless and also some amazing contents with How-toโ€™s which can enhance your application and also your development experience with AWS Serverless.

AWS Announcements
Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) has an update which makes EFS based workloads run twice as fast than before with the announcement about Sub-Millisecond Read Latency update.
AWS AppSync is now available with the support of custom response headers which enhances the security measures of using custom headers in APIs.
AWS Lambda functions adds the support of .NET 6 on both managed runtime and container based images.
Amazon S3 being the popular choice of storage on AWS, now adds additional checksum algorithms (SHA-1,ย SHA-256,ย CRC-32, andย CRC-32C)ย for all the upload operations.
AWS Amplify which is helps in building and integrating with other AWS services seamlessly, now announces the general availability of the authenticator UI Library for Flutter.
AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) CLI which is used to develop and deploy serverless apps with various programming languages, now supports TypeScript using esbuild. And also SAM CLI 1.38.0 is out which changes the way Java apps are built.
Amazon CloudWatch Agent which is used to collect logs from VMs, containers and send them to CloudWatch Log Group now supports the Log Filter Expressions which can help in filtering the log ingestions only by capturing the needed log events.
Interesting content
Ali Hayder shares How to schedule your Lambda with Terraform? with the help of Infrastructure as Code. And with the code of your Lambda functions and improving the quality of code, Jaymit Bhoraniya explains what are the coding practices which enhances your code in his blog post AWS Serverless Development: Coding Best Practices. Michael Brewer has curated the Lambda function integration with different services along with the input/event triggers and code examples on AWS Lambda Events. Jermaine Oppongย with a YouTube tutorial educates how to Write an AWS Lambda Function in Dart. Bryson Tyrrell shares the experiences of using Rust on AWS Lambda in his blog Misadventures Playing in Rust on AWS Lambda.
AJ Stuyvenbergโ€˜s blog post about Lambda function and different cold starts helps developers to understand what a cold start is.
Allen Helton explains what all things have to be considered for a Serverless Load test with this blog-post The 5 Step Checklist for Serverless Load Testing.
Matt Morgan explains about the Serverless Mindset during his vBrownBag talk.
Dheeraj Choudhary explains with his YouTube tutorial about S3 event triggers to Lambda Function which can help in processing CSV files and store the data into DynamoDB.
Michael Liendo shares about how you could use AWS Amplify Auth category to set access based controlling on front-end apps with this blog-post Fullstack Solution: Only allow admins to create users in your app. Yasunori Kirimoto explains the experimentation with various AWS Amplify based publishing.
Lee Gilmore explains about Serverless DocumentDB Connection with caching service in his blog post series.
What to expect from Serverless tools?
Ken Fukuyama has published a NPM package which helps in testing Step Functions locally with a MockConfigFile.
stepfunctions-testing - npm
With VS Code being everyoneโ€™s choice of IDE, Marcia Villalba shares the best VS Code extensions for Serverless Developers.
Mark your calendars
Amazon DynamoDB on the occasion of 10 year anniversary has organized an eventย A Decade of Innovation with Amazon DynamoDB where DynamoDB experts -Joseph Idziorek, Chad Tindel along with Eric Johnson and AWS Data Hero Alex DeBrie and AWS Serverless Hero Jeremy Daly come and share their experience and journey.
Hosted by @guimathed every FRI 1-2PM GMT on all things AWS Step Functions!

This week: Getting Started with AWS Step Functions

I'll be behind the scenes this week, but I may pop up in the future ๐Ÿ‘€

Join us โžก๏ธ
Word from the author
This has been a lovely month for developers to understand and skill-up with Serverless development. And as we wrap it up for Feb 2022, I, (Jones Zachariah Noel N a.k.a zachjonesnoel) have published a blog post about Step Functions and handling errors with SNS SDK integration which explains how we can handle errors โ€œgracefullyโ€.
If you want me to share specific blog-posts about AWS or Serverless, feel free to DM on Twitter. There are more exciting things coming up in March!! Until then, happy building on Serverless!!! ๐Ÿš€โ˜๏ธ
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