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Throw Them Away - Shifting Carrier ① [Yuko Rabbit Newsletter - Issue #2]

October 20 · Issue #2 · View online
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Hi, I hope you had great days!
This week, I had a deadline of a program which was about mentorship opportunity for young fine artists.
I was making a document to present myself – as a young fine artist, which is a combination of portfolio, CV, motivation letter. I stayed up until 4 am to meet the deadline.
That wasn’t the hardest part, but making choices was. Stripping down most of my past work and carefully handpick what I can carry on the next stage.
This issue, I would like to share my takeaway of being selective.

This is the document I was speaking about. Check the link below to see actual one 👇
This is the document I was speaking about. Check the link below to see actual one 👇
Yuko Rabbit Portfolio 2019.pdf • Droplr
If you know me since ages, you noticed that I didn’t put most of my past works on it - even some unused works are better than the other works on the document.
The reason is simple. Most of my past work didn’t fit the box of fine art.
In the illustration industry, skill matters. So you have to show that you can make stuff in different styles and work on various themes. But when it comes to fine art, the minimum requirement is to keep your collection of work consistent — and also to get your new works aligned to your past works philosophically.
As I said in the intro, you cannot bring everything you made in the past to your new carrier. So I had to pick up what fits into a new box. 
I consider myself as a philosopher, rather than a craftsman.
That’s my friend - he is an established fine artist and one of my precious advisors - told me.
Whether you make things for your philosophy or not; That’s one of a big differences between illustrator and fine artist.
I had a lot of conversation with myself, and I wrote an artist statement-ish thingy before I start working on my portfolio. The statement is about what my works about, why I make artworks, and what is art for me.
In the end, I found out that most of my past personal works were useless for my next carrier. That was a sour moment. I was about to lost my confidence by knowing that my creations were almost nothing. Oddly, however, after a few days, I feel very inspired. And I made a project proposal within a few days (you can see on the very last chapter of the document.)
So, what’s my takeaway after all? Throwing things away like Konmari can do some good for creativity, too😂
Credit: Happy Marie Kondo GIF by NETFLIX - on GIPHY
Credit: Happy Marie Kondo GIF by NETFLIX - on GIPHY
Next Issue...
Wow, It’s already too much text for an email.
So, let’s bring it on to the next email. On the next issue, I’m going to speak about some other things I did to get the clarity to shift carrier.
  1. Research
  2. Get feedback from the right people
  3. Do
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