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Youth Entrepreneurship

Watching, learning and celebrating youth entrepreneurship around the world.

Hello Young Entrepreneurs,
This week I am sharing these 5 fantastic articles. If you have any ideas of how to improve this digest or any recommendations of a good article, just send me a message and I will definitely place it here.

Two Theranos whistleblowers created a company to help tech entrepreneurs avoid becoming the next Elizabeth Holmes
Building a Company as a Young Entrepreneur Isn't For the Faint of Heart | Opinion
World-renowned fashion designer opens up on trials of entrepreneurship | The Atlanta Voice
Student Debt Is Stopping U.S. Millennials from Becoming Entrepreneurs
How the EU Is Cementing its Place as an Entrepreneurial Playground
Tweet of the Day
Paul Graham
The two axioms that explain your experience with devices that contain software (except Teslas):

I. It takes extraordinary effort to make software that's not horribly difficult to use.

II. Companies whose main focus isn't software don't expend extraordinary effort on it.
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