Youth Entrepreneurship - Issue #28

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Youth Entrepreneurship

Watching, learning and celebrating youth entrepreneurship around the world.

Hello Young Entrepreneurs,
This week I am sharing these 5 fantastic articles. Today, I’m opening a new section for this digest which is called Events, where you can submit any relevant entrepreneurial experience that you want to share with the community.
If you have any ideas of how to improve this digest or any recommendations of a good article, just send me a message and I will definitely place it here.

Young entrepreneur in UAE makes over Dh300,000 a month from his laptop
Business leaders fund young entrepreneurs’ big ideas | News, Sports, Jobs - Altoona Mirror
Masa Son: SoftBank's young entrepreneurs are like Jedi
Want to Enter The Business of Logistics? Here's What You Need to Know
Port Clinton Middle School Young Entrepreneurs dive into 'Shark Tank'
Bill Aulet, Director MIT Entrepreneurship
Social Change Day: A Step in the Entrepreneurial Journey
Tweet of the Day
Lolita Taub
If you know any Spanish speaking families w/girls, pls share my interview w/@Univision45 + the @technolochicas site ( Why? Bc girls should know they belong in tech/VC and that there are resources to help them on their path.
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