Youth Entrepreneurship - Issue #23

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Youth Entrepreneurship

Watching, learning and celebrating youth entrepreneurship around the world.

Hello Young Entrepreneurs!
This week we are sharing these 5 fantastic articles. If you have any ideas of how to improve this digest or any recommendations of a good article, just send me a message and will definitely place it here.
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Puerto Rico teen entrepreneur creates vital link between island farmers and consumers
Young entrepreneur designs his future with calligraphy business - BQLive
How The G20 Young Entrepreneurs Would Like To Shape The World's Future
Twin Cities entrepreneurs' app Runerra gets trial with Target -
This Young Entrepreneur Started a Company to Harness the Power of Networking and Help Her Community Hustle
Tweet of the Day
Company culture isn't defined by writing them up in a document & then onboarding new employees by preaching the gospel. It's defined by every decision you make & the bar you uphold while you operate. Being explicit merely clarifies them.
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