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Youth Entrepreneurship

Watching, learning and celebrating youth entrepreneurship around the world.

Hi Young Entrepreneurs,
Hope you all had a great week! This week I not only have interesting reads but also another challenge that for you all to consider taking part in.
The Beyond COVID-19 challenge encourages all communities to collaborate and take action in order to create innovative solutions for the COVID-19 crisis.
I would love to hear the amazing ideas you all have!

10 personality traits that investors look for before deciding to work with an entrepreneur
A 22 year old Entrepreneur who is changing the game of the Software Development World with his extreme talents & skills
The 6 Childhood Trends Of Successful Entrepreneurs
How to Build an Online Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
Beyond Covid-19: Global Open Innovation Challenge by Prepr
Beyond Covid-19: Global Open Innovation Challenge by Prepr
“This initiative is a call to action for individuals around the world to become global citizens and join forces to tackle the greatest challenges of our times and co-create impactful and innovative lasting solutions that carry us beyond COVID-19.” says Salar Chagpar, CEO & Chief Visioneer of Prepr.
Check out Prepr’s Beyond COVID-19 Challenge here.
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