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Youth Entrepreneurship




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Youth Entrepreneurship

Watching, learning and celebrating youth entrepreneurship around the world.

Hi Young Entrepreneurs,
I hope you’re staying safe!
Youth Entrepreneurship Digest is back after a bit of a hiatus! (think creative retreat) Ready to get back in business and bring actionable insights to all of you.
It’s been a while, so here is a quick recap on what to expect from Youth Entrepreneurship Digest:
  1. Great reads for all you young entrepreneurs out there.
  2. Tips, hacks and resources that will help add value to your business and yourself! 💪
  3. Inspiring stories from our global community.
  4. Funding, training, and scholarship opportunities (because I want to try and give you all the unfair advantages 😉)
Now that you’re all up to speed, here are 5 fantastic resources for this week. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this digest or any recommendations for a good article or inspiring story send me an email and I will definitely place it here.

UpLink Will Connect Leaders To Solve World's Toughest Problems
This 17 Year Old Is Showing People That Age Is Just A Number For Young Entrepreneurs
How To Start And Grow A Business During Recession
Younger and Wiser: Lessons From Young Leaders on the Future of Business
10 Movies For Entrepreneurs To Watch During The Lockdown
A bit about me...
My name is Mohana. I’m 22. I grew up in India but I currently live in Hong Kong. Having interned part-time at startups for 3 years, I decided to build my foundation by working in the startup industry. I find the startup culture inspiring and highly exhilarating.
I enjoy writing for both startups and my Medium blog (#plug). I also have a keen interest in design and sustainability.
Fun fact: I recently started practicing veganism (because saving the planet is more important than my love for paneer)
Do reach out to let me know if there is any way I can make this newsletter experience better for you or simply to say hi!
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