Twill by yiibu

An occasional dispatch on our evolving relationship with technology.

An occasional dispatch on our evolving relationship with technology.

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Twill by yiibu

“Whether it’s in India, the United States, or the European Union itself, lawmakers are grappling with what is ultimately a really hard problem—removing 'bad' content at scale without impacting ‘good’ content, AND in ways that work for different types of inter…


Twill #16: Creative algorithms, walking with satellites, flat-pack robots and the link between the space shuttle and a horse's rear end.

We're delighted to announce that Steph will present a plenary talk and workshop at Next in Hamburg on September 22-23.Steph is also in London next Monday for just a few days, and with a pretty full schedule but may be able to fit in a short chat if anyone's i…


Twill #15 - Web meets world, Alexa goes to the hospital, media-making AIs, bovine facial recognition, bicycle face…and more.

0.0 We're always excited to see new ways to connect the web with physical things (especially unusual or creative ones!) Google's new Anypixel is an open-source software and hardware library that makes it possible to use the web to create big, unusual, interac…


Twill #14: Robot nurseries, on-demand toys, tanks with pixels, Tesla and the moth…

Apologies for the lack of Twill the past two weeks :( Life got in the way in the form of an unexpectedly short-notice flat move, followed by Steph jumping on a plane to UX Lisbon (…while Bryan was left to un-pack boxes).We'll be posting a UX Lisbon recap shor…


Twill #13: Tangible VR building blocks, smart Soba tattoos, new UI metaphors, Emojigeddon and decoding culture on the Chinternet.

0.0 Tiptoeing into the world of VR for kids. Beautiful new product that blends the real, the virtual, and the experimental in a truly fun way."We're looking at helping children recognize the amazing tool that the device is, but recognizing it as a tool, not a…


Twill #12 - IKEA thinks we're crazy, the networking of everything, smombies and a humanoid merbot.

0.0 "Image search is true search". I really like this train of thought. "This is not to say that words don’t have uses ... we now have this hugely rich visual web that is exactly one tab placement away in Google’s interface from completely changing the defaul…


Twill by yiibu - Issue #11

0.0 Excellent Bitcoin primer that also includes some interesting reminders on the history of money... "as recently as the 1860s the United States had eight thousand private currencies in circulation, issued by ‘banks, railroad companies, retail stores and oth…


Twill: Algorithmic voyeurism, Internet war, several doses of pop culture and a new section on robots!

We may be in Seattle late this week. Anyone up for coffee?


Twill - DIY VR hardware, robotic natives, invisible trains, wi-fi geofencing, Pavlov 2.0, and some very cool robots.

A new conference announcement! Stephanie will present a talk on the Physical Web at the Coldfront conference in Copenhagen. We've also posted more information about Steph's upcoming talk at Generate San Francisco: The Internet of Things is for People.Also a r…


Twill - Humanising VR, adopt a robot, names that break databases, an AI creative director, and the past and future of multi-sensory immersion.

Bryan is blogging once again (yay!) and just published two articles: Pause and effect, a retrospective on the past years' sabbatical, and What I talk about when I talk about VR, an introduction to a new project of ours.


Twill - Issue #7 Playing Counterstrike with vegetables, hacking Wikipedia and real-time face spoofing.

Stephanie will be in Copenhagen in September to talk about the Physical Web. More details soon :-)


Twill #6 - Invisibility cloaks, robot case law and what happens when an AI overhears the news.

A detailed description of Steph's upcoming Physical Web workshop is now available on the UX Lisbon site. We're also happy to announce that she will present The Emerging Global Web at UX Lisbon on May 26th.More announcements next week!


Twill #5 - Personal heating bots, pre-crime and Facebook's AI reads Peter Pan

0.0 The fascinating idea that heating and cooling humans might in the future be more practical and efficient than heating and cooling physical spaces."...high-tech undergarments, fan-equipped office chairs, and even a personal attendant robot that follows you…


Twill by yiibu - Issue #4

Steph is in Melbourne March 7-10 speaking at a corporate conference and at the inaugural Melbourne Product Tank (...which still has a few spaces left).


Twill by yiibu - #3

The nice people at The Web Ahead podcast recently released a conversation with Steph about IoT, connected devices and the Physical Web. The segment is followed by a short chat with Mozilla's Jonas Siking on the new physical-web-like FlyWeb initiative. We also…


Twill by yiibu - No.2

A few new articles this week...Are chat bots a feature or a product? A reply with examples. Designers should learn business (...and a great deal more). Short reply encouraging designers to learn about economics, history and social sciences that seems to have …


Yiibu No.1

As some of you may have noticed, we recently moved from beautiful but soggy Edinburgh to an equally soggy (and beautiful) Vancouver, Canada. The move monopolised our lives a bit longer than hoped, but come 2016, we're officially back to work. We're now quite …