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Twill by yiibu


Twill by yiibu

July 21 · Issue #17 · View online

An occasional dispatch on our evolving relationship with technology.

Hello and welcome to Twill, a newsletter by Stephanie and Bryan from yiibu.

“Whether it’s in India, the United States, or the European Union itself, lawmakers are grappling with what is ultimately a really hard problem—removing ‘bad’ content at scale without impacting ‘good’ content, AND in ways that work for different types of internet services AND don’t radically change the open character of the internet.” — Mozilla
hello again!
We haven’t posted in quite some time 😬, but I thought i’d impose on your inbox today with a preview of my new presentation/visual essay.
It’s called Regulating the Web and explores a bunch of important, yet often poorly understood topics including…
  • how regulation was instrumental in enabling the web we know today,
  • how the latest wave of regulation risks dramatically harming free expression, and the open nature of the web,
  • the potential benefits of a protocol-based approach to tackling the challenges of harmful content online,
  • and, the trade-offs we’ll need to consider when figuring out how to equitably and sustainable solve these problems.
Regulate the web by yiibu - Google Slides Regulate the web by yiibu - Google Slides
I was originally meant to present the talk late March at Material in lovely Reykjavik (followed by an event later this year in Germany)…but I probably don’t have to explain why that’s now all gone pear-shaped :) 
So here I am four months later, finally putting the talk out there with plenty of input from world events to help me unpack why I wrote it in the first place. The result is an (I hope) much stronger narrative, and far more interesting ideas.
A bit about the format…
This talk is a bit different in that I used Google Slides (which I’m still flabbergasted has become this competent). Leaving aside the irony of using a Google product to create a talk that is pretty critical of centralisation (!) this new format will I hope provide a bunch of useful benefits…
  • rather than a static creation, I now have a living document that I plan to periodically update. 
  • people can leave comments on individual slides (I will do my best to answer!)
  • it’s easy to share, including the ability to link to individual slides,
  • it looks nice at all sorts of screen sizes,
  • should you prefer an offline copy, you can export a PDF.
So I’d love to know what you think (about the talk…but also the format!)
I’m calling this a preview in that i’m not yet ready to make too much noise about it, but do feel free to share it around if you want to.
We’ve always designed our talks to function well as standalone visual essays, but as there won’t this time be a matching conference recording online, I’m considering making one of my own (possibly using Mmhmm). I’d love to know if that’s something people would be interested in.
Enjoy! Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Stay safe :)
That is all...
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