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YFW inspiration from Jack Ma challenge a success

Jack Ma: “Do not want to be poor at the age of 40?
Make sure you have done these ‘15 sentences’!”
A 20 year old penniless, very normal; 30 years old has no money, maybe the family condition is not good, must be more active; 40 years old without money, only yourself can find the cause
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a man or a woman, if you want to be successful, here are a few things you should do:
1. Life is realistic, unlike dramas on TV. Love can’t feed you, husband and wife who face many problems.
2. Set targets on your own list, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years. You may not be different from others, but through hard work, you can change 70% of your destiny.
3. Friends who treat you, don’t take it as a normal thing. You have to repay him, or you will be humiliated even more.
4. Don’t believe the zodiac predictions, it’s only for small children, your destiny is in your hands. People who just sit and wait for cars, houses, like people who are daydreaming?
5. Reduce hanging out with people who are not productive, also don’t talk about it behind your back. Remember, problems can come from your tongue.
6. Humans must have a lazy nature, this is innate. But we can change those properties. search Focus goal ! because there are many people out there who are changing for the better.
7. what to do, ask yourself what the future plan is, then make it happen. Don’t waste time doing unproductive things anymore
8. A woman, never think that her career is not important, never think that she only needs to wash clothes, cook, take care of children. This is a big mistake!
9. In spare time, reduce time playing games or online while doing things that are less meaningful. Read more books on knowledge, how to do business, management, international trends, and law. All of this can guarantee that when you dine with anyone, you have a good quality of conversation.
10. Better to be wrong 1000 times to get information from all sides. Never open up opportunities that allow you to be successful.
11. Want to do something, before success, do not need to do the exercise to others. After that, there is no need to be told, others will know by themselves.
12. Don’t think that because you are a man, you don’t need self-care. at least, not too much in terms of food. Eat lots of tomatoes, seafood, and bananas, these are good foods for men’s health. If you don’t know where the value is, let me tell you. at least you can save on doctor fees, and use the money to buy your partner’s cosmetics.
13. People who are trying to get ahead, don’t expect too much from others. Many people are selfish and only selfish, self is the most one can hope for.
To achieve high success, you need to embrace smart people united in a success team
14. In the face of failure, do not count. Even though your condition is difficult, you still have to be responsible, when you know the cause, change your bad habits.
15. Everyone must have a chance to succeed!
It’s just that not many people give themselves a chance.
The right move for anyone who believes in the future, own crypto tokens at least 0.001 YFW as a long term asset. Prosperity success awaits you 🚀
Warm regards from the CEO,
Faiz Wu
Success belongs to all of us!!!
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