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$YAYO: Your New NFTs

$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
$YAYO Corp. is about to release a series of NFTs.
If you’ve seen the previews, you know that the art centers around vehicles.
Airplanes, jetskis, and boats, but most importantly:
Why cars? Why do individuals accumulate vast fortunes, and spend it all on supercars, laboring for the sole purpose of ever increasing speed and power?
Anyone who is capable with resonating with my genius…
Read this message. The last paragraph is the most important.
When you’re driving in a car, life is a movie.
You see the world flashing by you in a collage of events, shooting through your windshield and blending past your windows into your rearview mirror. A living timeline of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going to be. Your soundtrack is on your stereo. The camera is controlled by a steering wheel. The pedals control the pace. When you’re driving, you are in control. Speeding down a lone highway at night is one of the greatest expressions of freedom and technological achievement modern society can provide. It is a fleeting sensation of velocity that no one before has ever come close to experiencing so casually with such availability as modern man.
A car is often the most important object a person can own, sometimes even more than their home. If you have a nomad’s spirit in you, you enjoy driving. If you are like many people, you have made love in your car. You have cried in your car. You have slept in your car. Your car absorbs the energies you give off throughout your daily life better than anything else in the world, it surrounds you completely. You feel sorrow when your car is in disrepair, you feel satisfaction when it is fixed or cleaned. Your car is one of the few objects in your life that shelters you totally and completely, and it is made even more impressive by the fact that it can take you to speeds man was never truly meant to understand.
As electric self driving cars become the norm, you will see this freedom dissipate and become replaced by the shackles of control in favor of convenience and safety.  Neil Peart, arguably the world’s most iconic rock and roll drummer, wrote a song for Rush called Red Barchetta. It’s about a man who escapes the prying surveilled eyes of a dystopian society where old gasoline powered fast vehicles were outlawed. He escapes to the countryside and drives a classic two seat open roof Italian sports car, (most likely the 1948 Ferrari 166MM ″Barchetta″, Peart’s favorite car).
The song is an exceptional anthem to the raw dangerous allure and importance of natural human freedom that Rush songs so often talk about. It reverberates with the principles of $YAYO. 
Here at $YAYO we believe in speed.
We believe in vehicles.
We believe in autonomy.
We believe in freedom.
We believe in danger.
We believe in risk.
We believe in cars.
$YAYO is a car coin.
$YAYO is a carcoin.

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$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire @yayocorp

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