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$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
Introduction to Yayo Corp: The Comprehensive Guide to Profit (2022)
“Read this email to the end. It’s the most detailed report I’ve ever released to the public. (It’s also your secret key to making money in 2022)”
- John Lemaire
How is YAYO CORP so Powerful?”
For months, highly skilled investors have been making money from a unique niche in cryptocurrency. They consistently win when others lose, as if they had a secret power of premonition, an understanding of something deeper going on behind the scenes.
To the uninitiated of you who are discovering the world of $YAYO for the first time, this may seem like a mystery.
But to the visionary team of professional writers, programmers, and artists creating Yayo Corp. behind the scenes, it was all part of the plan.
Right now, Yayo Corp is on a roll. Everyone has heard about the exciting new projects they are releasing, and smart money is already swiftly moving in, positioning itself for maximum profit. But how did Yayo Corp get started on this meteoric rise? What is the explanation for the almost incredible success and vitality of its members?
By the end of this letter, you will understand. You will have the opportunity that few ever are given in the financial world: The opportunity to make a move on insider information, BEFORE the market is flooded by the masses.
Read the following paragraphs carefully.
An Exclusive Behind the Scenes Tour
$YAYO is many things, both planned and chaotic.
It is a brand. It is a lifestyle. It is a philosophy. But before it was any of those things, it began as a coin.
The summer of 2021 saw the resurgence of $DOGE spawn a number of imitators. Massive fortunes were being built and entire portfolios were being wiped in a chaotic period of what would be remembered as the shitcoin era.
This period was fraught with the tyranny of gas fees. Many people were priced out of opportunity, delayed from taking action, and even sabotaged by the obstacles which high gas fees imposed upon traders.
Furthermore, there was an inherent cheapness to the whole affair. Dozens, if not hundreds of poorly cobbled together doge derivatives were flooding the market and creating a trend of aesthetic mediocrity.
Being a crypto trader was akin to playing the world’s biggest game of the emperor’s new clothes, where everyone pretends to get excited about some shoddily put together throwaway pump and dump.
A group of bold pioneers recognized these problems. Last summer, they gathered together at a secret conference in an undisclosed village by the sea.
The bricks by which they paved this road were white and filled with cocaine. It was the brainchild of John Lemaire and Reynold Johnson, sharp businessmen with a taste for luxury and a hunger for industry. They assembled a team of lethal hackers, top tier artists, and clandestine advisors to create the world’s first beautiful cryptocurrency.
They came together in this fog of desolation and carved out a path towards the light.
The First Powercoin
The theme was simple, alluring, and inherently timeless. It was a vision of the 80s painted by its media and aesthetics, reaching beyond its reality. It was a mixture of Miami Vice and Scarface in a beautiful marriage with the quaint J-Pop graphic arts scene.
$YAYO was gorgeously designed and had an attitude unlike any coin that came before it.
Investors started flocking to the project en masse, funding one of the largest presales ever available to the public. Almost half a million dollars was raised in mere days.
It eschewed the denomination of shitcoin in exchange for the fitting and dignified title of Powercoin.
The world’s first powercoin chose Polygon because of its low gas fees. A private online community of investors was established, marketing was launched, and even more people began to talk about $YAYO.
As summer turned to fall and soon winter thereafter, the market moved along its natural cycle. Investors took home profits, and a dormancy began. The founders of Yayo Corp started looking toward the future.
In the world of cryptocurrency, focus shifted onto new innovations. NFTs, DAOs, and Olympus forks flourished. These projects were innovative, but primitive. Just like in the shitcoin boom, smart investors and developers started looking for something more.
The world was ready, waiting, and begging for Yayo Corp. to breathe its unique magic into crypto again. The team convened again, in the same small Mediterranean town. As the conference proceeded, the future of our organization became clear.
We have decided to make $YAYO more than a cryptocurrency.
The Next Step: Will YOU Be Here?
This is the most important part.
At Yayo Corp, we have gathered a diehard community of philosopher-warriors who reside in our Telegram, follow our Twitter, wear bootleg limited run merchandise, and whisper our name with hushed lips.
$YAYO has been an iconic underground symbol, an aesthetic valued for the sake of itself more so than even being a cryptocurrency.
Today, we have decided to reopen the doors to this secret world. For a limited time, you have the opportunity to seize one of the first spots in several projects- BEFORE the floodgates of the public are opened.
Two projects are upcoming:
1. YAYO NFTS: In the coming two weeks, the art that makes Yayo Corp. an aesthetic trailblazer will be financialized in an NFT series representing the virtues of a $YAYO lifestyle. You will have the rare opportunity to buy, jealously guard, and strategically sell an NFT from the very beginning of its existence. The YAYO LIFESTYLE will be emblazoned onto immortal icons designed by hand by artists. NFTs have never looked this good before.
2. HYPERFINANCE FASHION: Immediately after your NFTs are unleashed into the market, an even more limited set of Yayo Merchandise will be released. Through the sophisticated smart contracts of a Bonding Curve, the merchandise will be sent as tokens, redeemable for real, tangible pieces, as envisioned by a professional team of designers. The iconic Yayo hats will finally be yours.
Yayo Corp will inevitably continue to grow, taking advantage of every new innovation in cryptocurrency and art.
If there’s a way for our community to profit, we will take it.
That’s why the next important development is the release of our Aesthetics Roadmap Model, which will serve as the foundation for Yayo Corp. to guide its community’s rhetoric, aesthetic, and attitude through each new phase of projects.
Yayo Corp will advance into fresh new aesthetic phases, and each aesthetic season will be paired with a new project, a new opportunity for profit.
At Yayo Corp, the long term goal is the crystallization of its community into a full scale exclusive club. The $YAYO Membership will place you shoulder to shoulder with bold reckless individuals who seek out the fullest from life and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.
The upcoming NFT line we are releasing will be your ticket through the door.
This newsletter will provide you with the information you need to operate as the apex predator you were destined to become. It will guide you logistically through the means to participate in our projects, provoke your mind with the pontifications of unspoken taboos regarding modern existence, and ignite your heart into a higher frequency.
$YAYO is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.
Now it’s your turn to take your place, and Make Tomorrow’s Money Today.
- John Lemaire, CEO. Yayo Corp LLC.
Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower, Floor 33
3 Chome-2-1 Roppongi
Minato City, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan

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$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire @yayocorp

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