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The Philosophy of Yayo Corp.

$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
Here at YAYO we believe that the baubles, palantirs, scepters, pendulums, runes, cards, and totems that humanity has used for thousands of years to divine fortune and discover metaphysical secrets have always been mere props.
They are tools used to channel an innate psychic and prescient energy that comes from our organs and electrical currents.
At YAYO we believe the heart and the gut is more sacred than the brain. We believe that water from a stream is beneficial while stagnant water is poisonous, and that this constant truth is a reflection of truth mirrored in all things, including blood flowing through your veins.
At YAYO we believe that motion is a reflection of life itself and that’s why we chose cocaine. Cocaine is motion in substance form. It activates every muscle in your body and elevates you towards a state of divine glory for just a moment in time. Even sitting still, you shake your jaw side to side on cocaine. Your mind moves in tandem, drumming up a myriad of thoughts and productive impulses. The comedown is the payment you must incur for trying to reach a state of divinity through cheating with chemicals, this is true for all drugs.
But nonetheless like Icarus we reach for the sun. Our goal is simple. We’re not trying to change crypto itself.
We’re not TRYING to shift culture itself.
We’re not TRYING to alter reality through sheer power of will.
Those are just side effects from our constant grind towards our singular goal. 
We’re trying to get rich.
We’re trying to get rich because cocaine is only worth it when you can keep doing it, and cocaine gets really expensive really quickly.
Here at YAYO we believe that motion is lifelike
Here at YAYO, we believe in 
Motion - Lifelike 

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$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire @yayocorp

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