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The Lunar New Year + $YAYO Updates

$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
Today is a very special day. It is the beginning of the Lunar New Year. Only the most ancient and powerful YAYO holders who have been with us since the beginning understand the secret esoteric knowledge of our mascot. It is the White Tiger. Why? Simply because Scarface owned a tiger and white is the color of cocaine. All symbols start out under innocent mindless pretenses, simple impulses drawing you towards something innocuous. But with time, these symbols grow into their meaning. Meaning and symbolism is defined as an afterthought towards initial gut impulses, which are divine by their own nature. When you let go of thought you allow God to take the wheel. And God chose the white tiger to be our mascot.
It is no coincidence that YAYO awakens its true potential on the coming of Chinese New Year, because 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. The tiger is a special creature. It carries a distinct powerful energy that radiates fear, respect, and worship in human beings. Those who surround themselves with tigers tend towards feats of insanity, high sexual activity, and extreme risk. The tiger contains mystic high jing energy within its bones. The tiger is also now a symbol of latent relentless capitalism. More tigers exist in private ownership within the United States than anywhere in the wild. It is through sheer force of human will that the tiger will be kept alive on Earth despite the suffocating encroachment of hypermodern supercities. In a future of neon lit ultrafavelas and 200 mile wide supercitadels, tigers will roam metal corridors on leashes as luxurious pets for the wealthy elite.
The White Bengal Tiger is the ideal symbol for YAYO. Only one in every 10,000 Bengal Tigers is born with white fur, and they usually grow larger than normal. Its coat and striking appearance is treasured by those who seek out the fantastic and the dazzling, which is why they are used in popular culture and garish performance, such as Siegfried and Roy’s Vegas shows. YAYO’s spirit animal is the white tiger. A being of profound violent power and resplendent majesty. It is a fortuitous destiny that we begin our great climb during the Year of the Tiger. You can expect a future limited release run of white tiger plushies with YAYO branding on them, each one tied to an NFT token burn mechanism soon in the future.
From everyone at YAYO, have a Happy Lunar New Year and may your Year of the Tiger be a moment of distinction and glory.

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$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire @yayocorp

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