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How to Buy $YAYO NFTs - Your Personal Guide

$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
“Read this email. To the end. It contains a link to guaranteed huge profits in this latest NFT bull market”
- John Lemaire
The YAYO NFT is a generative project featuring exactly  69 distinct real world vehicles which vary in power, luxury, speed, and wildcard factors.
Each NFT also has one of the many quintessential YAYO Men, a figure of vague hostility, imposing luxury, and chaotic disposition. Each YAYO man has a randomized selection of outfits, hats, hair, and handheld accessories such as briefcases, melee weapons, firearms, tools, etc.
There is a selection of unique outfits and unique vehicles direct from classic films, video games, and historical events.
There are also 5 distinct 1/1 total custom made NFTs which will contain extreme value and maximum aesthetics. (If you mint one of these, you basically win the crypto game)
Each background is chosen for aesthetic juxtaposition between crude nighttime violence and world traveling luxury.
The YAYO NFT lineup contains real world brand name cars such as the sturdy rock crawling 1995 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4, the luxurious and drift ready 1984 BMW 733i, or perhaps a high velocity 1999 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa motorcycle. Each YAYO accessory is brand accurate as well, such as the Glock 17, Remington 870, or the H&K Mp5k Operational Briefcase.
There are hundreds of thousands of possible combinations with a tiered rarity system designed to give you chances for a value jackpot. Every asset has been chosen by vehicle and weapons autists of distinguished taste and handcrafted by an expert pixel artist.
At the bottom of this email, we will show you a completed sample.
This particular YAYO NFT is set in a Japanese Cherry Blossom Pagoda setting. The vehicle is a black 1993 Jaguar XJ220, still the fastest street legal vehicle Jaguar produces. The YAYO Man is dressed in a tie-less black suit with medium black hair, shaven face, and an eyepatch facial feature. His accessory is a duffel bag overflowing with money. This particular NFT is just an average rarity but the combination of colors and aesthetics imply a Yakuza gangster and could therefore be sold at a higher price than a more random clashing NFT would. This is just one of over 500,000 possible combinations.
We are starting a Discord server to mark the great shift from just a coin to a full scale crypto oriented aesthetics project. There will be a whitelist period for purchasing YAYO NFTs in exchange for the $YAYO currency at a discount. Please join us and your fellow YAYO acolytes as we redline drift into the setting Pacific sun and enter a night of fortune, danger, and mystery together. 
We expect these NFTs to sell out within a day. If you’re one of the first in line, you’ll have the opportunity to buy with your $YAYO coins, at a significant discount.
Translation? FREE MONEY.
There is only ONE way to profit in this bull market.
Be EARLY to a project with MASSIVE potential.
You already know the power of YAYO CORP, and what we are capable of.
So there’s only one step remaining…

Join the YAYO NFTs Discord Server!
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$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire @yayocorp

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