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$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
During the 1970s and 80s there was a magazine called Soldier of Fortune. It was a catalogue of mercenaries you could literally call on the phone and purchase for personal use. This sort of raw embrace of extremes taking place at the surface level amenities of modern life is exactly the kind of spirit $YAYO wishes to embody.
We harken back to a time when man attempted to make things that would fit his needs. A tool used for pure purposes can be a furthering of humanity and spirit. Tools are the lifeblood of our history and the foundation for our humanity.
Primitivism is an illusion because the game theory of humanity implies the strongest survives. Those who would attempt to live a purer form of life would find themselves wiped out by those who sacrificed their humanity to go further, be faster, kill harder, and spread greater than anyone else.
This is the tightrope of progress. We walk a thin line. On either side we plummet into a corruption of ourselves and embark on a several century long impotent genocide by volunteer basis: Our balls cut out right from under us and our species deteriorating into its own homonculus imitation, a flacid parody of life and encapsulation into an endless fractal cube prison of metric silicon.
But if we balance and continue forward on that tightrope, if we balance that golden string and press forth with unseen horrors at our backs, we can make it to a great and powerful ledge in the heart of this big ornate booby trapped temple.
We approach our enlightened stage of humanity. Where all new things are natural in that they always could have been. Take the plane for example. Its sensations are alien to us but we have a pull towards flight which cannot be denied as natural and buried into our core. Despite every part of our being screaming out NO NO NO when you first fly, there is a greater, more primordial tug at our hearts. It is the ancient reptile affinity for a way of being where flight was natural and man was not condemned to two dimensional existence. 
A good invention speaks for itself. And a mercenary magazine is a good invention. The mercenary is the representation of arms made potent. A gun is the symbol of freedom but it is useless against an overwhelming force. The mercenary serves a valuable purpose. They provide war as a service, security to the ones who would want their assets protected.
 Money curtails this because it allows you to define reality through physical change as you see fit. The crucible of violence which guarantees this possibility to its furthermost ultimate scenario is the mercenary. The hired gun. The contractor. The security. Mercenaries are the great expressions of force which put the value of money to its most extreme displays of action.
At $YAYO we revere the mercenary mindset. 
We understand that embracing self interest is the most selfless thing you can do for those around you. 
We believe that violence is the most distilled substance that governs the actions and interactions of man. 
We believe that the mercenary allows a man with money to govern a sphere of violence suited to his capacity.
We at $YAYO are mercenaries for YOUR money. We go to strange and interesting places wrought with turmoil and danger. We live by the bullet and die by the dollar.
At $YAYO we don’t know how to be anything else
$YAYO is a mercenary coin.

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$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire
$YAYO: From The Desk of John Lemaire @yayocorp

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