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Should We Upgrade Our Lives?

Yath Prem
Yath Prem
Welcome to Issue 75 of Mindful Mondays, a newsletter where we explore self-growth mindfully. I hope you’re having an awesome day!

Hey friends,
We might benefit from periodically reflecting, changing and growing.
Would you feel confident seeing a doctor who hasn’t improved their practice in the last 40 years? Would you feel safe flying on an airplane that hasn’t been serviced in 20 years? Would you feel sufficiently connected with an iPhone 1 in 2021? We constantly update almost everything around us, but rarely ourselves.
But should we appropriately do the same to our bodies and minds? Should we practice mindful self-growth? Should we reflect and grow? I’m not suggesting we all need to or should have to, because life, after all, is fluid/non-binary and doesn’t require structured updates or changes at fixed intervals. But should we care some more?
Research often shows that life stops being fun the moment we stop learning and growing. It makes sense - the newest gadget also stops being fun when the screen’s cracked, the battery barely lasts, and you haven’t done a software update in 5 years.
For me, life-long learning, exploration and healthy living is what will keep me fresh. I get bored when I’m not learning or growing into a better person.
What are your thoughts on this topic? Do we need to upgrade?
Weekly Favourites
The real winners are the ones who step out of the game entirely, who don’t even play the game, who rise above it. (Naval Ravikant)
YouTube 📺 - A Few Days In Dublin 🇮🇪
Gonna be a bit cheeky this week and recommend my own YouTube video. It’s from a trip to Dublin, shot entirely on the iPhone 13 Pro. I’m pretty amazed by the quality of this camera, it kinda does completely change the game for content creators and camera enthusiasts. No need to carry a fat camera with you anymore! Enjoy the vlog, subscribe if you want and haven’t already!
That’s all for this week - be safe, be happy!
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