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Yath Prem
Yath Prem
Hey friends,
A few days ago I moved into my new apartment just before work starts. This was a good opportunity for me to declutter, re-organise, and re-create a bedroom/workspace for myself in a new city. It was during this process of decluttering and organising that I realised how important a periodic refresh was to my overall productivity and well-being. It has given me a fresh start. My room now feels more functional and I have removed several things I maybe used 1 in 365 days. This has all rejuvenated my motivation levels.
After some thought, I think I’ll call this a Marie Kondo Cleanse (she’s famously known as an author and organising consultant). Essentially, what I’m advocating for is a periodic cleanse of our regular living and working environment focussing on the following:
  • Removing/selling unnecessary or rarely used items
  • Purchasing a handful of ultra-necessary value-adding items
  • Re-organising things in a better-optimised arrangement
I think I’ve unintentionally done this a few times: first when I moved out for university for freshers, then when I moved back home during the pandemic, and finally now whilst I’ve moved to a new city where I’ll be based for a minimum of two years. But, what I’ve learnt from this process is to carry out a periodic Marie Kondo Cleanse more often at least once a year. There’s nothing quite like a fresh environment, almost as refreshing as fresh linen.
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Life will keep hitting you over the head with the same lesson until you listen. — The Third Door by Alex Banayan
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Yath Prem
Yath Prem @yathprem

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