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Gratitude Is A Must

Yath Prem
Yath Prem
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Hey friends,
Daily gratitude is a must. There is no such thing as satisfaction or fulfilment in life without gratitude. Gratitude is something I’ve never really practised growing up. I’ve always looked for the next big thing whether that be a gadget or academic milestone. But, since I’ve become a doctor and since I’ve achieved some of my larger ambitions in life, I’ve realised this:
Gratitude enables us to see how far we’ve come and momentarily forget how far we still need to go.
Not only this but every time I practise gratitude, I can slow down and enjoy the present moment. The cogs in my brain stop turning and the one million and one thoughts running through my head pause. At that moment, I realise how f*cking amazing my life is and how much of my life I take for granted. For example, I’m living the life I dreamt about in high school. I’m working the job I’ve always wanted, I live in a nice apartment surrounded by a fantastic group of friends and colleagues, and generally, things are going exactly as I had envisioned as a 13-year old kid in high school. Touch wood.
We all have things to be grateful for. If you are reading this newsletter, then you most likely have a smart device and have access to clean water. That for starters is better than 1 in 3 people in this entire world. How crazy is that? Practising daily gratitude has made me a more calm and thankful person. I’m also less annoyed or irritated when my day isn’t going as planned because of what relevance does one day have in a life of many grateful moments.
Every morning, I wake up, thank god for another day on this beautiful planet, think about how awesome my life is and all the things that I get to do. With that, I make a bright start to my day. Likewise, at night, I think about a few things to be grateful for from the day and then sleep peacefully until the next.
“While there’s a time for studying what’s worked for other people, there are moments when you have to go all in on what makes you unique. And in order to do that, you have to know what makes you, you.” — The Third Door (Alex Banayan)
Book 📚 - Hell Yeah Or No
Here’s how you do what matters. In this book, you’ll learn about a mental framework that allows us to better decisions. In this book, Derek Sivers explores how to build a life around values like learning, growing, and exploring freedom to its extreme. The main take home for me was if I’m not 100% about a particular project, role, or commitment then the definite decision is ‘no’.
That’s all for this week - be safe, be happy!
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