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Yath Prem
Yath Prem
Welcome to Issue 74 of Mindful Mondays, a newsletter where we explore self-growth mindfully. I hope you’re having an awesome day!

Hey friends,
To cut a long story short, some smart people online have been getting free money (through cryptocurrency tokens) for having the foresight to own a Web3 domain name because of these things known as ENS airdrops for early adopters. These domains are anything that is “.eth”, in the same way, early Web2 domains were “.com”.
This made me realise how important it is to create future utility for ourselves. This example might mean nothing to you, but the idea of creating future utility should mean everything to you. To create future utility, you need to either be an early adopter or even better, an early creator. Let me explain.
There are so many skills and interest areas we label as the future. For example, commonly skills like coding or areas like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Most people will be aware of these, some will be early adopters, and an even smaller proportion will be early creators. Early creators often seem to hit the jackpot, such as Mark Zuckerberg with creating Facebook (or Meta now) as early as 2004 which capitalised on Web2. Not many of us can be early creators - that stuff requires incredible foresight and could be considered fairly risky behaviour.
But most of us can, and should be early adopters. The essence of creating future utility is doing something that will put you ahead of the curve and separate you from conservatives and sceptics, such that when the moment eventually arrives, you have something substantial to gain.
I for one know very little about Web3 (I’m learning) but had I foresighted the power of it, perhaps I’d have setup up my ENS domain a few years ago and as such, I’d have put myself in prime position to capitalise on these random ENS airdrops ranging from a few $ to thousands of $$$. I think given the current phase of my life, where I’m unsure what I want to long-term, creating future utility by dipping my toes into many next-generation technologies will set me up to capitalise on a few that become big-timers in the future.
You could nullify my thought process and call it hindsight chat. But, creating future utility via early adoption isn’t hindsight. It’s the exact reason why some of our older generations can navigate digital technology with ease and others find it near impossible. Some were early adopters, you guess who was who.
Ps — friends, as you can see, I’ve only gone and done it, yet again. I’ve rebranded this newsletter to Mindful Mondays as I find writing on weekends more reflective and I believe delivering these insights on a Monday morning feels like a nice little booster shot for the week ahead. Let’s see how this goes - a cheeky website revamp is also in the works for some upcoming exciting projects and announcements.
Weekly Favourites
There’s nothing wrong with planning, but you can spend a lifetime making a plan that never turns into action. - The $100 Startup (Chris Guillebeau)
Podcast 🎙Deep Dive Podcast
Recently a huge fan of the Deep Dive podcast. Hearing the behind-the-scenes of successful founders and big-time winners gives you incredible insight into what it takes. Wins look good, but the journey behind them can be bad and ugly. Most of us will never brave the journey. So I’ve been taking some serious inspiration from these episodes, especially this one with Oliver Cookson, who bootstrapped his way from £500 to £350m.
That’s all for this week - be safe, be happy!
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