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Cancel Hustle Culture

Yath Prem
Yath Prem
Welcome to Issue 73 of Mindfully, a newsletter where we explore self-growth mindfully. I hope you’re having an awesome day!

Hi friends,
When it comes to hustle culture/success/grinding or whatever we like to call it, there’s only one rule: work as hard as you can, and never stop. This is great if we want to burn out, detach from family/friends, and ok perhaps make some considerable headway in our careers/financial interests. Having been victim to hustle culture for some of my teenage years/university life, I’ve realised there’s something so much better than grinding away for a brighter future faster. I want to call it Lifestyle Success.
Lifestyle Success is all about mindful futureproofing. It’s doing what needs to be done to reach financial independence or freedom without burning out, sacrificing life’s greater gifts such as human to human interactions (family/friends), and also having fun along the way. Most of us are told we need to work hard and fast in our 20s to have happy meaningful lives in our 30s and beyond. But, what about having fun, free time, and relaxing in our 20s? Why shouldn’t we be able to do these things and also be able to build a better future? I think it’s possible to do both. But some might disagree - that’s fine.
Lifestyle Success is about doing just a bit more - maybe we work just a little harder, we pick just one side hustle/hobby, we spend just a few hours each week developing a new skill or investing in self-growth. It’s being mindful of what really matters and designing a lifestyle that benefits our future without sacrificing on the present.
Some of us (sorry if this hurts lol) are very fixated on working extremely hard, taking on more than we can chew, and really grinding it out in our 20s and often at the cost of a regressing social life and a declining physical as well as a mental health state. I’ve always been quite taken back by some of my friends who do exactly this and I’ve never understood why. They always seem pretty miserable if I’m honest.
Now don’t get me wrong lifestyle success is a much slower process. It’s also a long-term process. Of course, we’re not going to hit the same milestones as fast as our fellow grinding minions but we’re going to reach them happier, healthier, and more peacefully.
You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. - Atomic Habits (James Clear)
Tools 🧰 - A Physical Notepad
Technology is great but there’s nothing like pen and paper. You see when we write stuff on our digital devices, we tend not to think twice. It’s easy to backspace or delete a file altogether. With jotting things down in a notepad, you have to think twice. I love carrying one around with me at all times to plot and plan. Here’s my favourite notepad at present.
That’s all for this week - be safe, be happy!
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Yath Prem
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