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Ola, Since a while I wanted to publish a monthly newsletter about various content which have triggere
Yann's curated Bits & Pieces

Yann's curated Bits & Pieces

March 23 · Issue #1 · View online
Digital Strategy, Technology and Design handpicked in Basel.

Since a while I wanted to publish a monthly newsletter about various content which have triggered my curiosity. I don’t want to focus solely on one topic. So you will be provided with content on topics like growth hacking (!?!), typography or coworking, which are my current obsessions.

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Webdesign and development
It seems the trend today is going back to “simpler” websites. On the technical side this means just one css and html file (almost..). I’d be curious to see if Wordpress will jump on the trend of Static Website Generators.
The web is almost 95% of typography. Here are a couple of fonts you might want to explore. Choosing the best fonts is such an art, hard to master.
Kafka's portrait in the Belvedère (Fribourg)
Digital Marketing
Understanding Customer Acquisition Costs: A bit technical, but this calculation is crucial for most digital startups.
An interesting ressource on Growth Hacking (gosh, I hate this term). The question still remains: why did they think making an uberflip was a good idea…
The work(place) of today
Coworking is here to stay. At the moment I’m working at 4 different locations (home, coworking 1, coworking 2, office). Yann Heurtaux analyses the trend in Switzerland based on a Deloitte study.
“La voie d’aujourd’hui, c’est l’exploration, l’adaptation, l’expérience. La vocation de notre temps n’est pas celle de l’expert monotâche, mais celle de l’entrepreneur indépendant, bricoleur, couteau-suisse, intelligent. Celle du talent “multi-potentiel”.
Un article sur le monde du travail d'aujourd'hui. Alors, vous vous y reconnaissez?
Little bits
Great Hairstyle pasta packaging - Waste your free time with Cookies - A great plotter (to fake signatures?) - Great mixes by French Djs <- thanks Avb
From my blog
Local is among the most used websites in Switzerland. As a small business owner you will be confronted with the question: Should I pay for local.ch? But maybe you should only optimize your Google Maps ranking.
Feedbacks and comments
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