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Gravity Ace 🚀 Early Access - Issue #1

Gravity Ace 🚀 Early Access
Gravity Ace 🚀 Early Access
Greetings, pilots!

It has been a while since I last sent one of these. I’d like to say I have a good excuse — maybe I do — but it doesn’t matter. Honestly, it’s partly because of Mailchimp. Every time I think about logging into Mailchimp my brain melts and my bones turn all gooey and my will to live evaporates.
So I switched newsletter platforms to something that seems easier to use and is less business-ey and more conversation-ey and, well, here’s the first one.
Let’s chat.
I've been busy!
As you may or may not know, I’ve taken on a new live-streaming schedule which is both fun and rewarding. Streaming yourself, live, on the internet, for friends and strangers, is an unusual experience. I’m a naturally introverted and shy person who does a reasonable imitation of an outgoing people-person when the need arises. So, live streaming? Me? Crazy talk.
After a while it became easier, like all things do with practice, and eventually it became fun. And it has been rewarding because I get to interact with fans who are cheering me on and want to see the game and me succeed. And a lot of you are no slouch when it comes to programming, design, art, and music as well. Your feedback, advice, and outright programming help has been a tremendous gift.
So, if you want to talk to me, ask me questions, or just hang out while I bang away on the keyboard, come watch a stream every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning starting around 6:30 AM Pacific. Or, if that’s too early for you, catch up on the past streams on my YouTube channel.
Progress report from the Orion Nebula
So how’s the game coming along? I’m in a good place, but, let’s be honest, making a game is hard work. I think I can see the finish line though. I’ve pulled back the scope a little, here and there, gotten brutally honest with myself, and moved a lot of stuff to the “maybe in the next game” list.
Progress has being made
Progress has being made
I’m not going to promise any dates (I’ve learned that lesson) but I can honestly say that I know what needs to be done to finish the game and that it’s reasonable for me to do that in a reasonable amount of time. In other words: soonish.
Who knows what the future may bring. But I am planning to publish Gravity Ace on the new Atari VCS console! I recently received a devkit and testing will commence shortly! Stay tuned!
Look at that sexy beast
Look at that sexy beast
Fun stuff I've seen recently and so can you!
I just backed Helms of Fury (made with Godot Engine) — it looks like a ton of fun!
Helms of Fury by Nazgum — Kickstarter
Look at this!
And Patrick’s Parabox is nearing completion! Go check it out!
Patrick on Twitter: "Phew, just made it through my "actual last remaining puzzle ideas to make" list for Parabox! Got 16 puzzles out of it! :) A few of them I really like; glad I made this push. Wish I could show them! But here's an unrelated earlier puzzle. Game link:…"
That’s it for now, folks! See you next time!
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Gravity Ace 🚀 Early Access
Gravity Ace 🚀 Early Access @yafd

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