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Whispers - Issue #5 - On Preference

Have you ever chosen an outfit over another? …maybe for an occasion, for an impression. Have you ever been slighted? Say… something went in one way, and you expected another. These two things have something in common. And under our oversight — think “supervision” — this thing steady births much impudence.

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Thank you for subscribing to Whispers. Whispers pays attention to the little voice, the gentle thought, the subliminal truth we all know… but most times gets drowned in the noise of the ongoings going on.
In software, there is a concept known as technical debt. It is akin to the crack in a wall which procrastination helps break down a house. The fix is usually simple, but often elusive. In society, multiple tech debt exists. — Software, of course, is the mimic of humanity an its many processes. — One of such is preference.
On Preference
Everybody has a preference. Some prefer working in the mornings; others are night owls. Every time we choose, we prefer. Preference precedes choice; albeit in an ever so subliminal tendency. Humans are preferential animals. The revealed preference theory says that humans will select the commodity that they are most comfortable with. This choice will continue until another provides higher utility.
A step in one direction is a step away from a multiplicity of possibilities.

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Preference is localized. Existentially, we prefer to bond with the particles within our skin-bag. Regardless of how hard our heart beats for another, it must beat inside its cage. If it chooses to leave …it shall no longer beat. Globally, humanity has run a subliminal experiment proving that preference has its highest influence within small trust groups. I prefer the company of my friend to a stranger’s. Companies would more readily hire through a recommendation. Recommendations are employed by “big tech” sell you new you may need, based on your prior preference. This is the positive side of preference. But you know, my dear reader, positivity cannot survive on its own — for every beautiful embroidery has an ugly under-face. This makes me wonder about the big stuff; the troublesome stuff.
Does racism exist …or is it just the business of preference at global scale?
Preference is a social debt — much like technical debt — which has been left unchecked for a long time. It shall also be left unchecked for a lot longer, because there is no trivial solution to preference. It is one of those slimy things, you see. The moment you get an objective view on the situation, it switches into its subjective face. Thus one cannot scrutinize it properly. Thus all solutions proposed are never total. And if a total solution is found, it cannot be implemented. For this social debt is beneficial to society in some way, and also detrimental in others. The crack in society’s wall could, and has given rise to more questions like the big stuff; the troublesome stuff. It’s never easy with these debts you see. All things bad is rooted in something good. All things painful has a pleasure ancestor.
What is your preference?
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