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Whispers - Issue #4 - On Allegiance, and its bastard child

Ever wondered what lay at the other end of your allegiances? Recent memories put me on a train of thought into the structure of allegiance. What I found… allegiance has a bastard child; one we have supported in one way or the other.

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It was around today; one year ago. The youth of Nigeria stood — united in voice, unbroken in purpose — demanding better policing from their government, demanding tomorrow be safer. While the request was rooted in better policing, the Nigerian Youth used this movement to request better holistic governance. For the first time in a long time, the Nigerian citizenry demanded accountability in their governance.
To everyone supporting with the #EndSARS movement


You don't know how much this means to us young Nigerians

To everyone on the front lines


It was this same day; one year ago. The Nigerian army shot and killed Nigerians who sat on the floor, in a peaceful demonstration, waving the Nigerian flag. It was like a movie, you see. A thriller of sorts. Only difference, there was no suspenseful soundtrack in piano or organ, no. Rather organs were found tracked along the Lekki toll gate. Their owners… lying in a mix of blood, sweat, frustration, and exasperation. Victims of an attack by a force which — in the moment was abstract — was a hand breaching contract, a contract to protect.
The silence that followed that night was the loudest in Nigeria’s recent history. Parents waiting for their children to come home. Friends, feeling fragile, fighting phantoms of fallen fellow friends as they held bloodied bodies in …ooph! Even Earth gasped in shock as her mouth remained open in the number of graves waiting to be filled, begging to be closed.
On Allegiance
This got me thinking where loyalties lie. — now I write this out, I can’t help but see both meanings: where loyalties share beds, where loyalties share falsehoods. — It is with loyalty we swear alliances with lieges. These lieges could be our families, friends, fiefs, or flags. Loyalty is the duct tape with which an allegiance is bound. An allegiance is therefore the collective of loyalties to a liege.
Allegiance is a one-way street. Colleagues swear allegiance to a higher purpose. Oftentimes, the higher purpose is not required to swear allegiance back. This makes the allegiance structure look like an A. Benevolent lieges will reward allegiance. This oftentimes restores belief, strengthens loyalties (loyal-ties), and increases allegiance to this liege. When loyalty wanes, allegiance — which once looked like an A — begins to look like a ^. Let’s call this illegiance.
On Illegiance
Illegiance is an “ill allegiance”. OR …if I must pun-tificate: An allegiance to an illegal liege.
This happens when the liege pays no mind to those whom have sworn allegiance. Such a liege is, at best, lifeless. Examples of lifeless lieges are the flag, the ring, the throne, the office. They are mostly symbols; indicators of power which could be exercised, but themselves remain lifeless. Worst case scenario, such a liege draws sustenance from its illegiance. Here, the liege takes without giving back. Benevolence is nowhere to be found. And when the illegiance beckons on the liege, benevolence is oftentimes replaced with violence.
Where do your loyalties lie? — in allegiance, or illegiance?
It was this same day; one year ago. The Nigerian Youth got its first whiff of the repercussions of illegiance. They asked for benevolence, and got served violence. And nothing, up until this day, nothing has made sense.
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