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Whispers - Issue #1

To think is to be, to be is to think. Here we’re introduced to a new vehicle of thought — engineered for two things: one, to convey one’s mind into the mind of another… that the two may blend into a higher knowing; and two, to persist one’s thoughts into time… that life may become eternal-ized.

Welcome, my readers 🎉
Thought to try out this newsletter as a way to share thoughts on some issues. I am getting fond of more long form conversations which shed lights on deep truths. Most times, ploughing a thought line is ineffective with Twitter’s mode of communication. This newsletter shall allow some composure, and some breathing space to properly form a thought. So what should you expect?
  • Poetry — when the muse decide to show up. Think of these as thoughts. Convoluted, mellifluent, and pre-packaged. Seekign to make you delve beneath the superficial, painting a scenario hitherto unfathomable, challenging you to see meaning where you think there is none 🧘🏾‍♂️
  • Parlay — a digest of interesting conversations I have on Twitter. In some rare moments, one meets interesting minds on Twitter who need to be immortalized. This shall achieve just that.
  • Ponderings — often times my thoughts linger in directions I cannot keep in my head. This is where I share some of those with you. I welcome all engagements with my thoughts. The reason for sharing is to c-create.
What you should not expect: news, trends, sports, banter. There are better places in the interwebs for that.
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