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The Untold Perspective

When I think reminisce on history, I can’t help but see the many colours of perspective given to it by the present day. Facts themselves lay bare. But narrative… now that has the capability to fill in some blanks we never knew existed in the first place. How could perspective shape a history you once knew? …is this even possible?

A Letter to Judas
Ju-Ju, my Ju man, epitome of the quintessential human
You messed up — honest to God! — and for a small reward?
I had to die, yes; twas the will of the Most High, yes!
But I can’t shake the feeling that in my back was your sword
Regardless of the retorts, I see the thought behind your words
True friends stand, man to man, eye to eye, swearing on life…
Even in the face of reprimand and future strife
That their friends must fulfil destiny in this life
Ju man… of friends you were the closest
History will judge you poorly, but them… they are clueless
I see your heart, I see it in its earnest
And my love for you, Ju man, is forever endless
I must go — as the Father has commanded
Down this road — which you too constructed
But you know — know this, my dear friend
I love you bro — from now till the world’s end
Yours indebted,
Big J
The Untold Perspective
Stories we hear today come from a chain of repeats. The originality of experience is constantly being mauled at by trends which force content creators into a repeat of a message, chasing popularity in likes. So present day originality is under siege. What about historical originality?
Thankfully, historical originality is locked in fact. Not much can be done about that. The fact is the fact is the fact. However, facts are rarely presented as facts; they come with some narrative. This is where the narrator can get creative with the way the fact is shared. All facts are thus at the mercy of the narrator’s perspective. Most times, the narrator’s perspective is not the fact’s perspective.
The Untold Perspective
The Untold Perspective
The untold perspective remains untold because bias is a louder voice in our minds than truth. Bias lies in the pathway between the senses and deep thought. This is why people react before they “know what’s going on”. There’s a whole body of work on bias, and a lot I can say… but we shall leave that for a separate issue.
How can you begin telling the untold perspective?
  • Listen intensively. For the things we don’t know, we must learn.
  • Yield the floor. Everyone’s perspective is as viable as ours.
  • Identify bias. When narrating, be aware of how your view skews fact
  • Wear the listener’s shoes.
Together, we can tell the untold perspective.
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