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You can get 1000 followers in a month on Twitter with this book

Frank Eno - aka XScoder
Frank Eno - aka XScoder
No bots, just you!
I know how hard it seems to gain followers and friends on Twitter.
This doesn’t mean it’s impossible, you can really make 1000+ followers a month!
Some tip:
  • Be consistent
  • Be genuine on your content
  • Engage with others
Get this eBook to find out more and become a rising star:
Twitter is the best place to grow your business and get exposure.
You can get noticed in a community that currently has 192+ million daily active users by posting your own content and engaging with other Twitter users. You can make money too!
But what happens when you run out of ideas?
You may get frustrated because it affects your visibility on the platform.
If you don’t constantly provide valuable content in your timeline, you are very likely to lose followers, simply because they have nothing new to read.
This book offers 50+ tips to grow your Twitter audience and presence, plus it gives you access to the Tweet Cards tool to never run out of ideas!
Grab your copy now and keep your Twitter activity alive and kicking!
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Frank Eno - aka XScoder
Frank Eno - aka XScoder @xscoder

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