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Hello All, Here is the #30 Issue out.
  • 🔧 OpenSourceAlternatives.to: Discover 250+ popular open source alternatives to proprietary SaaS.
  • 🔧 pankod/refine: A React-based framework for building internal tools, rapidly.
  • 🔧 pentacent/keila: Open Source Newsletter Tool.
  • 🔧 neondatabase/neon: The serverless open source alternative to AWS Aurora Postgres.
  • 🔧 wailsapp/wails: Create beautiful applications using Go
  • 🔧 PWA List: In PWA List, you can search for Progressive Web Apps by tag, category, and app name.

Open Source Alternatives to Proprietary Software
GitHub - pankod/refine
GitHub - pentacent/keila
GitHub - neondatabase/neon
GitHub - wailsapp/wails
PWA List
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小蘿蔔丁 @xiaoluoboding

📖 Focus on Front-end, Collect the great web design/dev tools、some articles that I saw in the past week, Enhance your Tech-stack. Publish a new issue every Monday. Welcome to subscribe 📧.

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