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📖 Front-end Tech-stack Share Weekly - Issue #24

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Tech Stack Tools
Hello All, Here is the #24 Issue out.
  • 🔧 Snipli: Convert your local files into a gist in just a snap
  • 🔧 contentlayerdev/contentlayer: Contentlayer turns your content into data - making it super easy to import MD(X) and CMS content in your app
  • 🔧 Pulumi: Universal Infrastructure as Code. Your Cloud, Your Language, Your Way 🚀
  • 🔧 OneDev: Self-hosted Git Server with CI/CD and Kanban
  • 🔧 alexmacarthur/striff: Real simple string diffing
  • 🔧 sindresorhus/clipboardy: Access the system clipboard (copy/paste)

Web Dev Tools
GitHub - contentlayerdev/contentlayer
GitHub - pulumi/pulumi
GitHub - theonedev/onedev
GitHub - alexmacarthur/striff
GitHub - sindresorhus/clipboardy
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