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Karen Madej: A Curated List of Reads - Issue #19

Karen Madej
Karen Madej
Hola amigas and amigos!
A week in Malaga, Spain, drinking cafe con leche, wine, eating tapas, and sightseeing definitely hit the spot.
The two museums my good friend and I visited, Carmen Thyssen and Picasso relit a passion for amazing art!

Image Author's Own from a video of Picassso painting.
Image Author's Own from a video of Picassso painting.
My reset button activated, I can dive back into life in Kirkcaldy, Scotland with new zest.
What do you guys do to rejuvenate your spirit?
Here’s what’s happened over the end of October and the beginning of November …
This one went a bit bonkers with 1.92K views 97% external readers so no earnings except for the ones from the wonderful members like yourselves who read my stories!
It achieved a Design tag.
A Young Couple Self-Build a Cob House | by Karen Madej | Transformation Pending | Oct, 2021 | Medium
Next up in Money:
You Want to Save Money. But you work a minimum wage job and… | by Karen Madej | Frugal Friday | Oct, 2021 | Medium
Third in three tags! Society, World, and Equality.
Austerity, Law and Justice, and Sovereignty | by Karen Madej | Transformation Pending | Oct, 2021 | Medium
In my favourite tag Climate Change. I was also pretty chuffed when Medium also awarded me Top Writer status in Sustainability. Woohoo!
Sound a Death Knell for Coal and Fossil Fuels | by Karen Madej | Transformation Pending | Nov, 2021 | Medium
After a week’s break in Malaga, I have to get my skates on to write a few more articles to share with you in two weeks!
Thanks so much for getting this far. You are much appreciated!
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Karen Madej
Karen Madej @wrtwrds

Inspirer of self-improvement. Observer of all life forms. Finder of solutions.

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