This Week In Writing

By Justin Cox

Weekly tips, encouragement, and discussion for writers. The official newsletter of The Writing Cooperative publication.

Weekly tips, encouragement, and discussion for writers. The official newsletter of The Writing Cooperative publication.

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Yoga For Writers

Today is the Summer Solstice and, while I learned my lesson about trying to explain the science of the Solstice, I do know it marks the official start of the Summer. Here in Orlando, it’s felt like summer for weeks. As I write this, the high for today is 97°F…


Your Pulp (Flash) Fiction Stories

Last month I launched the Pulp (Flash) Fiction Writing Challenge. The prompt invited you to use the Pulp Magazine Archive or PULP-O-MIZER to inspire a pulp fiction story. Today, I’m excited to share with you some of the best stories submitted!Before we get to…


You Need A Vacation

Last week, I told you about my brand new book! Write Now a huge accomplishment that reached number eight on Amazon’s creativity self-help section! Announcing the book took all of my creative energy and I was tapped out in coming up with ideas for today’s news…


I wrote a book!

Today is an extremely rare day where the month’s final day falls on a Tuesday. That means today is a This Week in Writing and Write Together Monthly hybrid issue! This rarest of days is the perfect time to announce that I wrote a book!Over the last year, I’ve…


Ready for a writing challenge?

Before the 1994 movie by Quentin Tarantino, pulp fiction referenced pulp magazines. Published from the late 1800s through the 1950s, pulp magazines were precursors to comic books and graphic novels. Pulp magazines, or pulps as people commonly knew them, conta…


Are you turning your tassel today?

Later this evening, I graduate from Government Academy, a weekly exploration of local government that I began in March. It’s a fitting day since today is National Graduation Tassel Day, dedicated to all graduates. While graduating from any school level is ext…


Is Censorship Changing Your Language?

Spend any time on TikTok, and you’ll likely encounter an unfamiliar version of the English language. Dubbed anglospeak, online creators change their words to avoid content filtering. As The Washington Post explains, “in many online videos, it’s common to say …


How you defined community

A few weeks ago, I asked you to define community. I’m exploring what this word means in our world today while aiming to build our writing community into something extraordinary. This newsletter includes your comments and some follow-up questions posed to ever…


Let’s try this again… Are you organized?

If you read last week’s newsletter and are looking for responses, they are not in today’s issue. Why? I’m writing this issue the same day I wrote that request, which is fitting because today is all about organization! And, yes, I will include some of your res…


Are you organized?

This Week In Writing, we look at digital organization techniques to keep all of our drafts, research, and ideas safe.


Define: Community

This Week In Writing, we explore the meaning of community and how writers can better connect with each other.


When's the last time you visited the library?

This Week In Writing, we celebrate and honor every community’s pillar: the local library and library workers.


🖖 Does your writing live long and prosper?

This Week In Writing, we celebrate First Contact Day by exploring one of the best genres out there: sci-fi!


How do you write through grief?

This Week In Writing, we explore writing during traumatic events and say goodbye to the best dog ever.


Do you need a day off?

This Week In Writing, we celebrate National Goof Off Day by exploring ways to take a break from writing (and yes, you can take a break).


Beware the Ides of March?

This Week In Writing, we reclaim the Ides of March and turn it into a day to celebrate and lift writers worldwide.


Celebrate International Women's Day With These Writers

This Week In Writing, we celebrate International Women’s Day but uplifting and honoring our favorite women authors.


It's Writing Pancake Day!

This Week In Writing, we celebrate Fat Tuesday by cleaning out our pantry of darlings. What are you letting go of?


Let's Talk About Tags

This Week In Writing, we explore Medium’s new design, selecting the best tags, and how to be humble as a writer.


When did you start writing?

This Week In Writing, we emphasize that age is but a number when it comes to writing. You can start at any point in your life.