By Evan Ryan Ringler

Worthy: A Weekly Reset #025 - Reminders for the Holidays (and beyond) Part 5/5



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January 3 · Issue #25 · View online
Happy 2021!
Whew, we made it through 2020 🙌 If you’re anything like me, last year brought lots of change, growth and heaviness (along with THE BEST gift ever *see: ‘Stay Light’). I’m ready for some lightness in 2021. Anyone else?
Wrapping up our series on Reminders for the Holidays (and beyond) today. Last and definitely not least, we’re going to consider the word ‘Patience.’ What it means for us, what it feels like to experience and how it’s not always easy. My hope and prayer for you and for me is that we can be people who embody patience, people who always hold space for ourselves and the other.
As we enter into 2021, I am going to step away from Worthy for the time being. It has been an honor to journey alongside you in this way, thank you. I have so loved getting to learn from your experiences and perspectives and trust we are better together. If you would like to see more from Worthy down the road, please let me know! What you enjoyed, what wasn’t helpful, the cadence of the Newsletter — any and all feedback is welcome. Simply respond to this email ✨
You are worthy!
— Evan

Stay the Course
We can be gluttonous and short-fused during the Holidays, can’t we? Go get another bottle of wine! This is only my fifth cookie… What?! My brother did that again?!
Maybe, for us to best give patience to another, we must first be patient with ourselves. Cliche, I know and, I believe it’s true. Once we receive something, we can then freely give it to another. Think about love; it’s way easier to give love once we’ve received it for ourselves, isn’t it?
With the Holidays behind us, how can we choose to incorporate patience into our daily living? Patience for yourself to change and grow. Patience for someone you love to do the same. Patience as our country and the world recover from a pandemic. Patience for those who don’t think exactly like us.
Stay Curious
Mel Robbins - On Patience | Facebook
Stay Light
the most patient man I know, my sweetest gift and the best part of 2020!
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