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Worthy: A Weekly Reset #022 - Reminders for the Holidays (and beyond) Part 2/5

December 21 · Issue #22 · View online
Today, we’re exploring ‘grace;’ how we can embody it, how we can extend it and what it’s been like to receive it. I know grace has transformed my life and been an extension of hope. Excited to hear how grace has impacted you and how you’ve found ways to extend it to others.
You are worthy!
— Evan
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Stay the Course
How would you define ‘grace?’
It might be helpful to think of moments you’ve experienced grace: what did it feel like? What were the circumstances? Was forgiveness involved?
For me, when I think of grace, I largely think of someone holding space for me to be different than I once was.
I cringe when I think of things I’ve said or how I’ve treated people in the past and I am grateful for forgiveness and grace in growing and working to be someone else. When others hold that space for me and don’t hold me to who I once was, that, is a form of grace!
Grace seems to be counterintuitive as well as countercultural. It doesn’t make sense to us to forgive or set aside our feelings or ego to extend grace. *Checkout N.T. Wright in the video below to hear more on grace, how Jesus embodied it and how we can too.
How can you hold space for people this week (and always) to not be who they once were? To not define them by one thing they said or how they once treated you? I know I’ve experienced grace countless times and, when I remember that, it’s much easier to extend it to someone else.
Stay Curious
N.T. Wright: "Grace Changes Everything." ~35 minutes
Stay Light
Aunt Bethany is the GOAT
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