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Worthy: A Weekly Reset #021 - Reminders for the Holidays (and beyond) Part 1/5

December 20 · Issue #21 · View online
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas week! 🎄
I hope this finds you well, healthy and in a place of peace. As I’ve been reflecting on this year and what I’ve been learning, I thought it’d be helpful to share the posture I’m working to hold while heading into this week filled with family, friends and celebrations. I’ll share five things I’m going to be focused on (I won’t be perfect at them but I will be patient with myself in the process).
May we all not take ourselves too seriously, seek to hear the other first and lead with love in all things!
You are worthy!
— Evan
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Stay the Course
What does it mean to lead with love? This could look like setting aside our opinions or perceptions of others and just loving them for who they are, not who we want them to be. It could mean trying to see your uncle who gets under your skin in a different light, assuming the best and loving him where he is at the moment (remember: we are all growing - hopefully!) Jesus changed people because He loved them. Not because He voiced His opinion the loudest. Not because He forced people to see things His way. He led with love and kindness. He saw people. He heard people. I want to be like that!
Things that have been helpful to me when considering this posture:
  • The point of my life is not to get everyone around me to think the exact same way I do (um, boring!) but to love other people
  • Being angry with someone or annoyed or hateful does not change that person. Love changes people (and usually us, too!)
  • How does Jesus see this person?
^ me forcing love on everyone
^ me forcing love on everyone
Stay Curious
  • What is the most loving thing I could do for my brother today?
  • How can I help make today fun for my mom?
  • How have I encountered the love of Jesus? How can I work to embody that same love and kindness?
Stay Light
love transforms us!
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