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Worthy: A Weekly Reset #017 - Social Media

November 20 · Issue #17 · View online
Happy Weekend! 🍂 ☀️
I hope this week brought laughter, curiosity and learning for you!
Doing a mini-series on the cliche topic of Social Media these next two issues. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, the average person is on their phone over 3 hours a day (😳). And I believe social media is influencing us in ways we may not even be cognitive of. None of us want that, do we?
In today’s issue, we’ll explore our why; why do you have social media and how is it influencing your life and being? A couple disclaimers: 1) I decided to get off of social media about three years ago and it’s been both an empowering and hard process. I realized I was seeking a lot of affirmation and vying for the attention of others through Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. In short, it wasn’t healthy for me and I wanted (and want) my life and identity to be in the actual life I am living! Instead of how many ‘likes’ I get on an Instagram picture. 2) I do not believe social media is innately bad. Someone once taught on the neutrality of things like money and power; in different hands they become different things - good or bad. I think social media falls in this same category; it can be used for both good and bad. It can affect you in both ways.
I would love to hear from you on what your ‘why’ is for having social media! Social media was born with the intention of connecting people to one another - both near and far! What a beautiful intent.
You are worthy!
— Evan
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What’s your why? How is social media impacting you as a person? How is it dictating your time? What about your feelings? How is social media influencing the way you live? For good? For bad?
Stay the Course
All we can control in life are our thoughts and actions. How do we bring our best selves to the day?
Be Intentional! Have one or two or as many as you can REAL LIFE conversations with someone you’ve been meaning to get in touch with this week. Schedule time to FaceTime with an old friend and then make it happen! This can be daunting, overwhelming and seem like a lot when you can pop over to Facebook and throw a sister a ‘like’ with a quick flick of the wrist and tap of a mouse. Your life is comprised of the moments you lead; make them wholesome and curious. Make them memorable and meaningful.
^ me waiting for anyone to answer FaceTime
^ me waiting for anyone to answer FaceTime
Stay Curious
What are you learning? How do we hold postures that hear?
You Asked: Is Social Media Making Me Miserable? | Time
How Has Social Media Changed Us?
Stay Light
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