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Worthy: A Weekly Reset #016 - Anxiety / Depression

November 16 · Issue #16 · View online
Final week on Anxiety and Depression! We’ll hear from some of you on what you want others to know, the importance of listening to hear and how boundaries are vital and helpful for both the person experiencing A/D and the person loving someone who experiences A/D.
Hope your week is off to the best start. As you know, I’m playing catch-up on these newsletters so, expect a couple issues each week until I’m caught up 😅
You are worthy!
— Evan
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What do you want others to know?
Stay the Course
All we can control in life are our thoughts and actions. How do we bring our best selves to the day?
Listen to Hear: This week, try to hear the other in conversation. Focus on hearing what the other person is saying and not just listening for the pause in conversation so you can say what you want to say. Ask questions! Ask for clarity.
You can say things like:
“What I hear you saying is…”
“That’s so interesting! Can you tell me more about that?”
“How did you feel when…”
“What else?”
Kevin Kelly once said, “Rule of 3 in conversation. To get to the real reason, ask a person to go deeper than what they just said. Then again, and once more. The third time’s answer is close to the truth.”
Seek to really know and love the people around you. Start by hearing them.
Stay Curious
What are you learning? How do we hold postures that hear?
Stay Light
Nick and Tran
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