By Evan Ryan Ringler

Worthy: A Weekly Reset #012 - Body Image



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September 27 · Issue #12 · View online
Hello! And Happy Sunday ☀️
Final week on Body Image: How are you working to reframe the way you think about body image? What is it that makes someone beautiful? How do you give yourself and others the permission to be confident? We’ll hear insights from some of you, a message from Brittany Packnett on ‘How to Build Your Confidence’ and how we can go forth being women who are not defined by our bodies!
Although this is our last week focusing on Body Image, let’s keep the conversation going: how we define body image, how we can be kind to ourselves and serve our bodies well and how we can empower one another in the realm of our bodies and health.
You are worthy!
— Evan
New month next week! (How is it already October?!?)
🎃 Topic for October: Anxiety and Depression
Suuuuuuper pumped for this topic. We’ll hear from four different women on anxiety and/or depression over the next month: their experience, what’s helpful and what’s not and what they wish others knew. Whether you experience anxiety and/or depression yourself or love someone who does, this is bound to be both helpful and insightful.
Prep Work for October:
  • How do I define anxiety? How do I define depression?
  • Is anxiety something that can be controlled? What about depression?
  • Do I think less of myself or others for experiencing anxiety or depression?
Know someone who could benefit from conversations around anxiety and/or depression? Use this link to share Worthy with them!

How are you reframing the way you think about body image?
Stay the Course
All we can control in life are our thoughts and actions. How do we bring our best selves to the day?
Go forth in confidence! How can you foster confidence in yourself outside the realm of your body? Might it start with seeing yourself as God sees you? Not defining all of who you are because of the body you have? Maybe, it starts with holding space and loving others - and seeing others - for who they are and not what they look like. Rest in what you know to be true about yourself. You are beautiful. You are capable. And you are worthy of loving your body and taking ownership of your health!
On-going thought for September (and beyond!): Did I love and serve my body well today? Did I get the nutrients my body needs? Did I move my body today? Was I kind to myself?
You reminding you that you are beautiful, capable and worth it.
You reminding you that you are beautiful, capable and worth it.
Stay Curious
What are you learning? How do we hold postures that hear?
“Curiosity invites people to be in control of their own learning.” - Brittany Packnett
Brittany Packnett: How to build your confidence -- and spark it in others | TED Talk Brittany Packnett: How to build your confidence -- and spark it in others | TED Talk
Stay Light
The Queen is coming.
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