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Worthy: A Weekly Reset - #011

September 20 · Issue #11 · View online
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Hello! And Happy Sunday ☀️
Week #3 on Body Image this week: we’ll consider how we can empower ourselves and others in the realm of body image, how we can promote positive body image and how self-awareness is 🔑 to better understand our habits and, ultimately, our health.
I feel encouraged by each of you who have shared how you’re re-framing the way you think about body image and the ways you’re encouraging others to do the same. Thank you! ✨IF! you’re wanting to share your insights or perspective on an issue via video, just reply to this email and we can collab!
I am grateful to be on this journey alongside you - thank you for being on the journey with me! We are better together.
You are worthy!
— Evan

How do you not judge someone else’s body type? How are you promoting positive body image for yourself and others?
Stay the Course
All we can control in life are our thoughts and actions. How do we bring our best selves to the day?
Have a conversation around body image this week! With your partner, with a friend… however it comes up, lean in and engage it! Empower someone else with what you’re learning, how you’re re-framing body image and by hearing someone else’s experience.
On-going thought for September (and beyond!): Did I love and serve my body well today? Did I get the nutrients my body needs? Did I move my body today? Was I kind to myself?
Stay Curious
Mel Robbins on self-awareness. Specifically, how to be mindful about your health and eating habits. In this 40 minute talk, Mel encourages us to be kind to ourselves while getting to the root of habits. *Starts around the 5:00 mark.
Also Mel on getting healthy because of how it makes you feel and how it starts with thought patterns. You are not broken. You deserve to feel good. Your are worthy of being healthy. *3 minutes!
Stay Light
Sue me.
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