By Evan Ryan Ringler

Worthy: A Weekly Reset - #006



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August 17 · Issue #6 · View online
🙏Thank you to those of you who took the survey last week! I am so grateful for your time and feedback. Be on the lookout for changes and updates; I want this to work for you and spur you on towards your calling. Keep your thoughts, articles and GIFs comin’!
If you haven’t completed the survey, no worries! You still can!
We have 3 weeks left of the 8 week trial run! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of this. It’s been SO fun and growing and challenging and I am so grateful YOU have been a part of it. Your time, insight, and life is invaluable and I am truly honored to be on this journey with you. Thank you.
I am committed to continuing Worthy through the end of the year (at least!). If you’ve found these resets to be helpful, I would love for you to invite other women to be a part of it.
Two ways this can happen:
  1. You can send me their email and I can sign them up*
  2. You can send them this link and they can subscribe themselves
*with their consent
Here’s to a new week! You are worthy!
Stay the Course
All we can control in life are our thoughts and actions. How do we bring our best selves to the day?
  • Vulnerability What does it mean to be vulnerable? Are you open with what’s actually going on in your soul and your circumstances with others? Brene Brown talks about how we can’t experience empathy without vulnerability - and I think she’s right. My challenge for you and me this week: be open to being vulnerable. Be open to sharing your hurts and hangups. Be open to sharing what’s actually going on in your life. Invite those you trust into those spaces. If you want others to know you - the real you! - you have to be brave and vulnerable.
👆The above link is gold: a quick intro into what vulnerability is (<3 min!).
Things to think about: When are you comfortable being vulnerable? How do you foster more situations like that? Who do you allow yourself to be vulnerable with? Are you hiding parts of who you are from others because of shame or fear? Do you lean in to your imperfection? Do you know that who you are - who you are created to be - is beautiful?
India Arie spittin' truth
Stay Curious
What are you learning? How do we hold postures that hear?
  • On relationships, singleness and marriage. Annie F. Downs sits down with Michael Todd (Transformation Church) to explore all of the above and more. Insightful and light, you’re bound to learn something new - regardless if you’re single, dating or married.
  • What’s your limp? Do you allow others to limp? Judah Smith (Churchome) talks about our weaknesses, how we can relate to them and how they actually bring us closer to God. Also if you’re new to Churchome / Judah Smith you’re in for a treat - he’s hilarious (see: 16:55 in the vid “You know in 1982…”).
Stay Light
I have never related to another character more than King Julien
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